Why do I use TradingView Desktop instead of the web version?

The web version of TradingView is no doubt one of the best online platforms for studying markets and technical analysis. It’s available in all modern browsers on all devices, from mobile phone to desktop. So what's the point of using TradingView Desktop?

TradingView Desktop is in fact a browser too, but made specially for TradingView. It was designed to enhance the TradingView platform with desktop-only features which aren't available in your “regular” browsers. 

Some benefits of TradingView Desktop you’ll see immediately after launching. It provides you with a dedicated space for all your TradingView tabs to make sure no one will be lost among tons of other tabs in your browser. You’ll also notice that in TradingView Desktop, there’s more screen estate available than in browsers, since no address bar and other unnecessary things for your work.

Other features of the app aren’t that obvious, here’s a full list of them.

  • Auto-restores a ticker, interval, and active watchlist in every tab on app launch.

  • Symbol syncing in tabs. Set the same color tag to a few tabs, and they will start following the ticker change made in any of them. You can sync not only chart tabs but can also sync the screener with a chart.
  • Crosshair synchronization across tabs and window
  • Customizable tab titles
  • System-native notifications, including support for the Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Follows the system theme setting with support for the Auto appearance mode in macOS.

You can download TradingView Desktop by following this link. Don't use other resources on the internet to get the app. 

TradingView Desktop can be installed on Windows, macOS Intel&M1, and Linux. Learn more about the system requirements in this article.