TradingView Desktop releases and release notes

September 19th, 2023. Bug fixes in version 2.6.1

Bug fixes
  • macOS: Issue encountered when continuously holding down a key in Pine Editor and on the chart
  • Crash: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toLowerCase')

September 6th, 2023. In-app proxy settings in version 2.6.0

Features and improvements
  • Added in-app proxy server configuration
  • Introduced the ETF Screener on the "New Tab" page
  • Added option for deleting a layout to the chart layout list on the "New Tab" page
  • Clicking "Update Available" now directs you to the "About" tab within "Settings"
  • Various markup improvements on the "New Tab" page
Bug fixes
  • Sharing to social networks for trading in replay mode doesn't work
  • Incorrect zoom value in the Main menu
  • Reload button overlaps text on "Something Went Wrong" page
  • Markup issues on "Sign In" window
  • Empty tab header after first app launch
  • Crash: Render frame was disposed before WebFrameMain
  • Crash: Object could not be cloned

August 2, 2023. Direct opening of TradingView charts and ideas on Windows with version 2.5.0

Features and improvements
  • Integrated link handling: Links to TradingView charts and ideas will now bypass the default browser and open directly within the Desktop app for Windows, ensuring a seamless experience. For more details, please refer to this article.
Bug fixes
  • Symbol syncing couldn't be activated when a chart was accessed from the Overview page.

July 18th, 2023. Bug fixes and minor improvements in version 2.4.1

Features and improvements
  • F5 now reloads tabs on Windows and Linux
  • Authentication errors are now displayed directly on the "Sign-in" window
Bug fixes
  • Color tags for symbol syncing are lost after the app restart
  • Main and context menus don't close with Esc
  • Changing locale doesn’t update UI text in "Settings"
  • Ctrl+, may open two "Settings" windows
  • The "Browse" button in "Settings" may occupy two lines
  • The "Video & Audio" tab in "Settings" is missing the video preview
  • is Dark News favicon not visible on the dark theme and other markup issues
  • Error page lacks favicon and tab title
  • Links open in a new tab instead of the current one
  • Incorrect placeholder in tab title during page load
  • Crash: UserService.doSignIn
  • Crash: addTab called for a window that is being closed
  • Crash: Render frame was disposed of before WebFrameMain could be accessed
  • Crash: this.saveChangesDialogSub(index)
  • Crash: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'BitsPerPixel'

June 14th, 2023. New shiny app menus in version 2.4.0

Features and improvements
  • New design of app main menu and tab context menu
  • Pin & Unpin tab feature
  • Better app crash handling
  • Crypto Coins & Stock 2.0 Screeners and Economic Calendar on New tab
  • Markup improvements for the Settings dialog
  • New favicons for products and community pages
Bug fixes
  • Alert notification sound isn’t working in some cases
  • Crash: TypeError TrackableMenuWnd.closeOtherTabsFromMenu(index)
  • Crash: Capturer object disposed

May 10th, 2023. Bug fixes and improvements in version 2.3.4

Features and improvements
  • “Close tabs to the right” in the tab context menu
  • “Settings” appears with the previously chosen item
  • New context menu on New tab
  • Markup improvements for Settings, New tab, and Splash
  • Enabling the setting “Hide tabs in full-screen mode” hides tabs immediately (macOS)
Bug fixes
  • Links from the New tab are opened in the browser only in the English locale
  • The Splash screen still gets stuck in some cases
  • Alert notifications are raised at the app launch
  • Crash: read ENOTCONN
  • Crash: write EPIPE

March 31st, 2023. Fixed app crash on startup in version 2.3.3

Bug fixes
  • Crash: Drag service called before process initialization v.2

March 30th, 2023. Fixed app freezes on startup in version 2.3.2

Bug fixes
  • The Splash screen gets stuck during the app launch

March 28th, 2023.  Fixed conflicting keyboard shortcuts in version 2.3.1

Bug fixes
  • A few app keyboard shortcuts overlap Pine Editor ones

March 28th, 2023. Improvements and bug fixes in version 2.3.0

Features and improvements
  • Expanding the menu on the New tab
  • F1 opens a new tab with a Help Center page on Windows & Linux
  • Improved Autosave and “Close tab?” dialogs
  • Minor onboarding improvements
  • The “Clear cache” button removes both the app and brokers cache
Bug fixes
  • Windows only: “Share the screen” doesn’t show app windows
  • Double-clicking the “Close tab” button opens a new tab
  • Crash when the system Downloads folder is unavailable
  • Windows only: tab dragging is not working after changing the mouse primary button
  • Crash TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘offset’)
  • Crash TypeError: Object has been destroyed
  • All community links opening in the browser in English
  • Broken link in sharing via Twitter
  • Issues with “systeminformation” library

February 17th, 2023. Fixed app crash on older versions of macOS in version 2.2.1

This update is available for Mac only.

Bug fixes
  • App crashes on High Sierra and Mojave systems

February 16th, 2023. Onboarding for new users and other improvements in version 2.2.0

Features and improvements
  • App onboarding for new users
  • Checking/clearing favorite flags for layouts on the New tab
Bug fixes
  • Alert sound continues playing after closing pop-up notification
  • Heatmaps not saving filters after the app restart
  • Crash: ChangeTab called for a window that is being closed

February 2nd, 2023. Improvements and bug fixes in version 2.1.0

Features and improvements
  • The Quit app button replaces the red cross on the top right when multiple app windows open on Windows and Linux
  • Replaced Snaps & Ideas tiles with Community on the New tab
  • Refreshed “Close/Reload tab” dialogs
  • New tab tooltips
Bug fixes
  • macOS: Ctrl+N not moving the cursor to the next line in the Pine Editor
  • Permission request appearing on opening Binance and BingX authentication
  • No translation in the “Close tab” dialog
  • Windows 11: issue with the focus switching between apps
  • Crash: Drag service called before process initialization
  • Crash: TypeError. Object has been destroyed
  • Linux: Non-default display scaling breaks Settings layout

December 23rd, 2022. Hotfix for Tab Linking in version 2.0.1

Bug fixes
  • Single-tab tab receiving the wrong symbol if linked to multi-chart tab

December 21st, 2022. In-app volume control and lots of improvements in version 2.0.0

Features and improvements
  • In-app volume control for alert sounds
  • TradingView logo on New tab (clickable!)
  • Settings and Help icons on the New tab
  • New splash screens
  • Electron 21.3.0
  • Tooltip improvements and fixes
  • New app crash dialog
Bug fixes
  • RTL issues on Settings
  • New tab page layout issues in different locales
  • Autosave dialog layout issues
  • Toast message layout issues
  • Bitstamp authentication requesting background fetch permission
  • The detached tab was restored in its original window after reopening the closed tab
  • The wrong symbol restored on the multi-layout chart
  • Under-the-hood issues found in 1.0.17
  • Autofill opening Symbol search
  • Tab title appearing with only symbol name after app restart
  • House Rules page ignoring app locale
  • A new window opened in a smaller size when Settings on the screen
  • Ideas with different locales cannot be opened
  • Tools cannot be opened on the New tab when the app window is small
  • Popups not moving with the main window
  • Blinking symbol logo on the app start on macOS
  • Tabs getting hung when drag-and-dropping fast
  • Minimize button not minimizing window in full screen

October 26th, 2022. Autosave and enhanced performance in version 1.0.17

Features and improvements
  • The app saves changes made on charts automatically when quitting
  • Enhanced performance when crosshair sync on
  • New tab: Smoother and faster loading
  • ⌘+⌥+←/→ to switch tabs on macOS
  • New Electron
  • New naming for Screener and News
  • New icons for Screeners/Heatmaps/News/Snaps
  • Social media links to be opened in the browser
Bug fixes
  • Simultaneous playing of alert sounds
  • Window not switching from maximized state to regular on macOS
  • Non-chart pages going mad after several theme changes
  • Cmd+Tab switching not giving application focus
  • Dragging is not working while the tab is loading
  • Restoring the tab with the chart opens a New tab
  • No tab title for the new layout
  • No translation for Screener/Heatmap tab titles
  • Window not restored in maximized state after quitting app when in fullscreen
  • The inactive window cannot be attached to another one
  • Arabic text is not right-aligned
  • The window not switching to fullscreen if Maximize was pressed before
  • “Open link in new tab” opens a new window
  • Feedback: Windows notifications appear delayed
  • The window is not restored in fullscreen after restarting
  • Images not opened through “Open link from clipboard”
  • Something went wrong with the “Something went wrong” page
  • Tab not switching to profile locale after factory reset→sign in
  • New tab: “Make a copy” disappearing after pressing Ctrl
  • The tab bar appearing stops the idea recording
  • Tab bar not appearing in fullscreen
  • New tab refreshing twice on changing locale
  • Wrong navigation on News
  • Scrolling breaks page makeup on Snaps & Markets

September 15th, 2022. Bug fixes and small improvements in version 1.0.16

Features and improvements
  • Improved keyboard navigation in dialog boxes
  • New app menu icon & updated menu contents
  • Replaced Snaps with Ideas on the New tab for non-English locales
  • Increased initial size of the app window
Bug fixes
  • Autoupdate: Tabs not restored after restart if the app was updated
  • The caption of system theme option overlapping element borders
  • No translation in Settings
  • The “Sign in” dialog not opening if previously closed by Enter
  • Scale changing after Ctrl+LCM a link on New tab
  • Settings: button Relaunch flickering
  • Again ▢ on tab bar
  • Logs: Error when cursor moved outside app window
  • Logs: Errors during login with 2FA

August 17th, 2022. Screener, Heatmap, News, and Snaps are now in TradingView Desktop with version 1.0.15

Features and improvements
  • Tiles for screeners, heatmaps, breaking news, and snaps on new tab
  • Keyboard navigation in Settings
Bug fixes
  • App not restoring all windows after the update
  • Tab linking between chart and screener is not working
  • Credentials not saved for Tradier and Dorman Trading & other Auto-fill issues
  • Symbol/interval replaced with ones from the previous layout when switching layout in tab
  • The wrong font in the search bar on the New tab & no character limit
  • Changing locale reverting Zoom setting
  • Tab bar not appearing when scaling is not default on Linux
  • The detached tab overlapped with system buttons when dragging it on macOS
  • Closing alert popup not stopping its sound on Linux
  • Button Browse jumping up on tab switching in Settings
  • Checkboxes flickering in Settings
  • Color theme options do not look good with AR & HE locales in Settings

August 4th, 2022. Fixed issue with broken sign-in for Korean users in version 1.0.14

Bug fixes
  • Authentication through a browser is not working if Windows UI set to Korean
  • Permission request appearing on opening OLX authentication

July 29th, 2022. Fixed issue when multi-chart layout appeared with a single chart. Version 1.0.13

Bug fixes
  • Multi-chart layout appearing with a single chart

July 27th, 2022. Symbols and intervals are now restored for multi-chart layouts, too, in version 1.0.12

Features and improvements
  • App restores symbols/intervals on tabs with the multi-chart layout
  • New About with a check for available app updates and the option to start the update manually
  • The fresh look of the Layout list on the New tab
  • The “New window” button on tab bar
  • Revised theme switcher in Settings
  • The app follows the system locale until signed in
  • Settings & New tab support RTL locales (AR and HE)
  • Show the ticker and layout name on the window title
Bug fixes
  • credentials not saved
  • Saved credentials appearing above the input box
  • Factory reset not clearing saved broker credentials
  • App minimizes when hovering over tabs
  • Closing alert on Triggered Alerts popup closes all alerts
  • Keyboard shortcuts are not working with the Colemak layout
  • App not restoring tickers if too many tabs
  • Settings jumping to center when appearing
  • The unnecessary scrollbar on the dialog “Share screen”
  • Ctrl+<click> opening chart in the same tab
  • Ctrl+<Numpad number> not switching to the selected tab
  • Period key opens Symbol Search not Load layout
  • The active tab is not updated after deleting the layout
  • No checkbox "Sync crosshair across windows" in Settings on Linux
  • Small but annoying ■ on a hovered inactive tab
  • The zoom tooltip not closing after moving the window
  • Settings not closing when clicking House rules or Notices & Ackn.
  • Drop-downs not closed by clicking the arrow
  • Bleached app icon on Apps & features list (Windows)
  • Dialogs blinking on Linux
  • Duplicating the New tab opening tab with the wrong title
  • Too bright separator on dialog “Sign in” on Macs with retina

July 4th, 2022. Bug fixes and small improvements in version 1.0.11

Features and improvements
  • Theme switcher on the app menu
  • “Color theme…” item on the burger menu to call app settings
  • Move “Settings…” higher on the app menu
  • Rename the default theme option to “Use system setting”
  • The “File is saved” toast should disappear faster
  • Ctrl/Cmd+S to save snapshot opened in new tab
Bug fixes
  • Change Interval appears instead of Symbol Search when pressing a letter key
  • The app switches virtual desktops by hovering over tabs on macOS
  • Crash on fullscreen window close
  • Crash on new tab creation in an anonymous session
  • Fullscreen is not activated by pressing F11 once
  • The app closes when an unregistered user opens a new window
  • Settings only appear on the main display
  • Settings appear partially off-screen
  • Alert popup keeps showing after closing the system notification
  • Num lock keys not working as numbers in keyboard shortcuts

June 20th, 2022. Automatic theme mode and custom tab titles in version 1.0.10

Features and improvements
  • Automatic theme mode and in-app theme setting
  • Customizable tab titles
  • Setting for enabling/disabling crosshair sync across app windows
  • Renew Settings UI
  • Improvements to the tab bar in fullscreen mode on Windows
  • Restore symbol, watchlist & color tag on tab reopening
Bug fixes
  • The new tab should appear rightmost
  • Autofill: Saxo broker credentials not saved
  • The tab bar hides on the opening context menu when in fullscreen
  • File saved toast message not translated
  • The browse button in Settings goes ▢ for JP and CN
  • A reopened window appears behind the current window on Linux
  • The tab bar appears after switching tabs in fullscreen on macOS
  • Ctrl+click opens the layout in the current tab
  • Tab flickers on dragging
  • The sound keeps playing after closing the window

May 25th, 2022. Restoring watchlists in tabs and enhanced full-screen mode in versions 1.0.8 and 1.0.9

This update has version number 1.0.8 for Mac&Linux and 1.0.9 for Windows.

Features and improvements
  • Restore watchlists in tabs at the app startup
  • Show the tab bar in full screen on Windows
  • Open TradingView links from the clipboard
  • Shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+, for Settings
  • Custom vertical scroll for non-chart pages on Windows
  • Update to Electron 18
  • New tab: Ctrl/Cmd+<click> to load layout in the background
  • New tab: Reduce tabs jumping on selecting a layout
Bug fixes
  • Crash due to memory leak (new Electron required)
  • App processes are not killed after quitting the app
  • No “Open link in a new window" on the context menu for free users
  • Windows taskbar does not appear when the app is in fullscreen
  • Tab bar delayed appearance after quitting fullscreen