What are TradingView Live streams best practices?

Whether you want to do a financial show, a webinar or a presentation, here are 5 best practices to make the most out of your live streams and have a smooth experience. Note: Experienced streamers may already know these tips, so this guide is aimed towards beginners.

First, please abide by the House Rules at all times. Inappropriate, violating streams will be removed swiftly by our moderators.

Make sure you have adequate tools (camera, microphone, outbound connection) and test them beforehand in a private stream, to minimize the risk of technical issues during a public stream. We do not make specific recommendations, but remember: the better your gear, the better the stream quality is. We strongly suggest you follow our guidance on video and audio settings.

Engage your audience and do not forget to interact with them. You can ask them to boost your stream or to donate coins if they like it. Try to follow the chat messages and respond to them during the stream. A good way to end a stream is to include a Q&A.

Plan and promote your streams in advance. Having a regular schedule helps to grow the amount of attendees over time and the more you stream, the better chance you will have to succeed. Our stream interface allows you to schedule streams on future dates. Give people a reason to watch your stream and share it on social media beforehand.

Don´t wing it. Decide on a topic that will interest your following, have a general outline / plan of what you want to do and then stick to it. This is especially important for beginners.

You may also want to check our Live streams FAQ.