BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
I'm kinda new to this game, just want to put it out to you guys incase my scenario is right.

I'm guessing that the price falls below 9400$ we can break the first trend and goes to the first supportline at 8.2k-8.7k. Of coruse, that is a big gap. But does it falls threw that, the new second supportline is at 6.5k-7k. Does it also falls below supportline 2 we have a small but neraly no resistance and will land around 3.9k-4.4k.

So what would I do right now?

I would still wait to 26 may to see if the trend still continue above 10k and starting a new supportline. If it dropps to 9300-9200$, i would probly short 25x to 8.8k and make a stop-profit. Also check if it falls fast or slow. If it keep itself in the supportline for around 1 week, i would not trade. But if it falls faster the 2 days, i would make a new short from around 8.4k with 10x to 6.8k.

What do you think? i'm a totally wrong?
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