Analyst Group: Analyst Group Initiates Equity Research Coverages of Brain+

Analyst Group has entered into an agreement with Brain+ on commissioned research, including Equity Research Reports with recurring updates and comments on press releases.

Brain+: Entering The Commercialization Phase

Since the IPO in November 2021, Brain+ has successfully scaled the management team, advanced the R&D pipeline, attracted valuable collaborations, and, importantly, landed the Company’s first Big-Pharma partnership.

Brain+ is now ready to enter the commercialization phase, roughly two years ahead of plan, with a launch in Denmark in Q4 2022 and Germany expected in Q2 2023. With the expected pipeline of product launches, Analyst Group estimates net sales of EUR 2.1m by 2024, and with an applied EV/S multiple, a potential present value per share of DKK 4.1 is derived in a Base scenario.

Read the full analysis here

This is a press release from Analyst Group regarding the publication of an analysis on Brain+. Readers may assume that Analyst Group has received compensation for making the commentary. The Company has not been given an opportunity to influence the parts where Analyst Group has had opinions about the Company, future valuation, or anything else that could be considered a subjective assessment.

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