AUDCAD - How to find the better order

FX:AUDCAD   Australiensisk dollar/Kanadensisk dollar
Idea: to search a rule of trade give the profit percent over 60% in the risk/reward 1/1. Next to find the zone for order there is risk/reward ratio more 1/1 (1.1, 1.5, 2...).
Step 1: I found the rule from 1/1/2020 to 26/1/2021 has the profit percentage over 60% (61.4%).
Step 2: I found the second order at Fibonacci 60% (the risk/reward: 1/1.5) to have the best result. First result with only one order has net profit is 103.303 percent, the second order is 303.197% (risk/reward 1/1.5).
*** When the first order actives wait for order Limit at Second entry.
---> How the strategy do at below:
1. How to fill color the Keltner Channel:
...All Upper, Basis, Lower inscreased to fill green.
...All upper, basis, lower descrease to fill red.
...One of the Upper, Basis, Lower is not the same direction fill gray color.
2. How to calculate a Trend:
...If the Total of 25 candles > 0 to give Uptrend.
...If the Total of 25 candles < 0 to give Downtrend.
3. How to entry.
- Buy's entry when the Color is up and the price crossunder the Basis.
- Sell' entry when the Color is down and the price crossover the Basis.
4. How to calculate the Stoploss and Take profit: