COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
BTC bulls made a push last night that rejected from the high of this entire move by 1%.
What is notable is the bear break on the 4 hour chart with no follow through.
This is notable because there is a lack of price history support in that range, yet bulls bought the dip quickly.
The sooner the bulls erase this double top , the better for comfortability.
If we see further consolidation, the daily chart will be a tightening equilibrium to watch the next couple days.
ETF decision is Tuesday and odds favor a delay again. Note that IF it were to ever be approved it would be an all in event for traders to act on.
Currently in an hourly lower high and LL pattern the bulls will need to break.
Hello, another video TA on bitcoin, i talk about few scenarios and thing you should look at, Enjoy !
Nice analysis. This is what im seeing

Thank you for your work!

It's quite obvious that bulls lost last night. Now it's time to close a gap at $7150 and hopefully turn back to attack the resistance. Check this out:
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