BTCUSD - the only chart you need

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Happy New Year 2019/2020!
This pattern worked well so far, lets se what happens 2020 and around the halving.


White dotted recistance reached and we wicked to the first red line, either we start some down movement or go in to the "shout out zone".
If entering the shout out Zone we need a retest on the white dotted line for countunniaton up, after tent lets hope for a clear break of the 11400 area for entering the aeroplane zone.
In the shout out zone we will find a lot of media attention and fomo, you will notice when your friends start talk about BTC... :)
(If above not happen we will probably follow the second yellow arrow to the red support for another attempt to the upside for the shout out zone)
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