RSI + MACD breakdown

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Relative strength index is a great indicator that allows us to see whether a stock is becoming over bought or over sold.
RSI has a range from 0 to 100 and uses momentum to compare significant gains and losses of a stock.
A pair will become overbought when RSI is above 70 and over sold when the RSI is below 20.
Typically you don't want to buy into a stock that is over bought or above 70 RSI , however with strong volume and momentum over bought stocks can also have large range moves.
A great entry can be provided when a stock breaks out and is pushed to an over bought level above 70 and after the stock pulls back and the RSI has cooled off and gotten back under its overbought level or under 70.
Entering on an RSI cool off and pull back can give a great risk vs reward entry and usually will have a tight range.
The opposite is true with short selling and stocks that are over sold or below 20 on the RSI scale.
False signals to buy or sell can be formed when stocks have large spikes in price and like all technical indicators your trade plan should not solely be based on RSI .
we must be patient before we enter our trades, because sometimes the RSI can stay oversold for quite awhile.
The worst thing we can do is try to pick the bottom of a strong move that continues to move into further oversold territory.
So we must wait until the RSI crosses back above 30.
Crossovers and Kisses Using the Signal Line and the MACD Histogram
The Signal Line is used to generate trading signals. Being an exponential moving average of the MACD Line,
the Signal Line will lag the MACD . However, when the MACD line begins to move back towards the Signal Line
then we begin to get some trading signals such as a Crossover or a Kiss.
When the MACD Line crosses over the lagging Signal Line this is indication of a reversal. However, if the two
lines just come together and “kiss” before moving back in the same direction, this can also be a powerful
continuation signal
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I am sharing my biased opinion based on speculation.
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You should always do your research before making any investment.
You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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