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This Indicator will print basically 4 lines.
You have to understand the importance of the "Initial Balance" the first trading hour of Cash session is very important in trading stocks and indizes.

So you will get 4 lines:
  • Opening
  • Initial Balance High
  • Initial Balance Low
  • Initial Balance Midpoint/Halfback

Most indicators for Range Box, Opening Trade, Opening Range, Initial Balance, iBOX and "Ultimate Lines" will only use the timezone of the exchange or your own timezone. I'm living in europe and we have this daylight saving time change in Summer/Winter - which will cause problems with most of the existing indicators or at least will push you to change the times regularly.

Another important point: I really like to switch the indizes when trading on my mobile. So what will happen when you set up opening range for DAX at 09:00 and then switch to S&P500? All indicators I tried failed here - they will just draw a wrong line for SPX , NDX, DJI, FTSE , ASX etc. I fixed that and hard coded stock exchanges and ticker symbols into 3 main groups Initial Balance EU/US/Asia

For example we take DAX - XETRA DAX is opening at 09:00 MEZ (Europe/Berlin)
The Initial Balance is set during the H1 Candle from 09:00 - 09:59

Please be aware, that some cash indizes only deliver data to TradingView after the "opening auction" - so for Xetra DAX you have to book live data and often you will only see data at 09:02/09:03 after the opening auction.
So you will get different opening lines compared from cash to future or your CFD provider. Future and CFD should fit for 99%

  • The Opening Line will be drawn at exactly 09:00
  • IB High on the highest price during the H1 candle
  • IB Low on the lowest price during the H1 candle
  • IB Halfback is simple: ( IB High + IB Low) / 2

The lines will be drawn from cash start until next day and will end 2 minutes before the next cash session will start again. Please make your own experience! Activate the indicator for a CFD or Future switch to M15 and watch the wicks around the 4 lines. Even in the night or the next morning before the next Initial Balance will be set.
For me the lines are valid for around 24 hours and often longer. That's why it's good to have the old lines on the chart too.

  • Yesterday high / low / close / halfback (also for last week and month)
  • Labels for the lines - sometimes only the colors will confuse you - a simple label should be a benefit (IB_h, IB_l, IB_1/2, 1D_o)
  • Range Lines for Asia Range and Premarket Range - additionaly a parameter to disable premarket lines when premarket is trading in asia range.
  • Add Alert condition to get alerts after IB is set

If you have and thoughts, ideas or improvements, please send me an message or leave an comment!

Like i said, the stock exchanges and ticker symbols are hard coded and can be extended for all relevant assets.

Have fun and i really hope this indicator will help improving your trading experience!
Release Notes:
Added SSE and HSI exchange and AU200AUD ticker for ASX
Release Notes:
Added new Ticker for Australia and Germany
Release Notes:
Added a few more ticker symbols for USA, Europe and Asia!
Release Notes:
Added all available Indices from CFD Providers into an Excel sheet and cleaned + combined it there. All TV sources are available now and the syminfo.ticker string is coded into one single line. Just copy&paste from excel.

That's easier to manage ;-)
Release Notes:
Added 2 new functions for the Asia Session Range.
As an example: If you are in EU and an DAX trader - you will closely watch the range, that was formed for the DAX Future during the Asia Session. A breakout of Asia high or low is a nice trade. The session lines are often a valid support/resistance during the whole cash session.

And if it's no support/resistance you can trade the breakout in both directions.
Release Notes:
Added an Universal Initial Balance! Now if you are trading commodities or just stocks, that doesn't match the predefined indizes the code will switch automatically to the universal IB range. Just select your home timezone and define your preferred time in the Universal IB Range selector and there you go!

Please leave a comment, this feature was often requested, i'm happy to deliver and make this beauty of indicator way better.

Still a lot of unused code there, but i optimized the settings window and clustered the settings better. Was a mess before...
Release Notes:
Big update!

You can see the standard settings on the left and the full enabled version on the right.

  • Added Labels for the Lines - not really like it atm because it's overkill...
  • Added IB Range Extension. This was asked several times. You can now add the 1.5 and 2.0 Extension of the IB Range - was new for me but seems to be useful.
  • Cleaned up a lot of the source code
  • Added the Asia Range for US Tickers. So you should see now the Asia Range Lines if you are trading NDX and SPX

To do:
  • Will try to add an parameter "only show labels during actual day"
  • Will try to disable lines if they are too close to each other - i still like it simple...
  • People are asking for EU Range when trading US indizes / stocks. Asia Range was the start, have to rework the code to show EU range too. EU Range is different from EU Session...

Have fun! And as always leave an comment if you like it or have problems. If this little project is finished in some months we should ask for an editors pick label ;-)
Release Notes:
Changed the plot of Asia Session Lines - they are automatically extended now, like the IB Range - there is no need anymore to tick the 2nd Parameter

Changed the plot of lines for the actual day. The lines are only plotted until the actual time - now you are able to see the labels for the actual bars and don't have to scroll to the right side to see the labels.
Release Notes:
Enhanced the script regarding this topics:
  • Sorted the Timezones like continents
  • Added Brazil for SA
  • Separated Tokyo from Asia Range into Tokyo Zone
  • Separated ASX from Asia Range into Oceania Zone
  • Added India for Nifty50 Traders into India Zone
  • Made Prework for future sessions (Asia, London, US, Globex - just have to sort out the different Information and times...)

Release Notes:
// 12.2022 seems that my changes where not saved. So had to reupload it...

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