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Library "MathConstants"
Mathematical Constants

E() The number e

Log2E() The number log(e)

Log10E() The number log(e)

Ln2() The number log(2)

Ln10() The number log(10)

LnPi() The number log(pi)

Ln2PiOver2() The number log(2*pi)/2

InvE() The number 1/e

SqrtE() The number sqrt(e)

Sqrt2() The number sqrt(2)

Sqrt3() The number sqrt(3)

Sqrt1Over2() The number sqrt(1/2) = 1/sqrt(2) = sqrt(2)/2

HalfSqrt3() The number sqrt(3)/2

Pi() The number pi

Pi2() The number pi*2

PiOver2() The number pi/2

Pi3Over2() The number pi*3/2

PiOver4() The number pi/4

SqrtPi() The number sqrt(pi)

Sqrt2Pi() The number sqrt(2pi)

SqrtPiOver2() The number sqrt(pi/2)

Sqrt2PiE() The number sqrt(2*pi*e)

LogSqrt2Pi() The number log(sqrt(2*pi))

LogSqrt2PiE() The number log(sqrt(2*pi*e))

LogTwoSqrtEOverPi() The number log(2 * sqrt(e / pi))

InvPi() The number 1/pi

TwoInvPi() The number 2/pi

InvSqrtPi() The number 1/sqrt(pi)

InvSqrt2Pi() The number 1/sqrt(2pi)

TwoInvSqrtPi() The number 2/sqrt(pi)

TwoSqrtEOverPi() The number 2 * sqrt(e / pi)

Degree() The number (pi)/180 - factor to convert from Degree ( deg ) to Radians (rad).

Grad() The number (pi)/200 - factor to convert from NewGrad (grad) to Radians (rad).

PowerDecibel() The number ln(10)/20 - factor to convert from Power Decibel ( dB ) to Neper ( Np ). Use this version when the Decibel represent a power gain but the compared values are not powers (e.g. amplitude, current, voltage).

NeutralDecibel() The number ln(10)/10 - factor to convert from Neutral Decibel ( dB ) to Neper ( Np ). Use this version when either both or neither of the Decibel and the compared values represent powers.

Catalan() The Catalan constant
Sum(k=0 -> inf ){ (-1)^k/(2*k + 1)2 }

EulerMascheroni() The Euler-Mascheroni constant
lim (n -> inf ){ Sum(k=1 -> n) { 1/k - log(n) } }

GoldenRatio() The number (1+sqrt(5))/2, also known as the golden ratio

Glaisher() The Glaisher constant
e^(1/12 - Zeta(-1))

Khinchin() The Khinchin constant
prod(k=1 -> inf ){1+1/(k*(k+2))^log(k,2)}

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