Library "FunctionPolynomialRegression"

polyreg(sample_x, sample_y) Method to return a polynomial regression channel using (X,Y) sample points.
    sample_x: float array, sample data X points.
    sample_y: float array, sample data Y points.
  Returns: tuple with:
_predictions: Array with adjusted Y values.
_max_dev: Max deviation from the mean.
_min_dev: Min deviation from the mean.
_stdev/_sizeX: Average deviation from the mean.

draw(sample_x, sample_y, extend, mid_color, mid_style, mid_width, std_color, std_style, std_width, max_color, max_style, max_width) Method for drawing the Polynomial Regression into chart.
    sample_x: float array, sample point X value.
    sample_y: float array, sample point Y value.
    extend: string, default=extend.none, extend lines.
    mid_color: color, default=color.blue, middle line color.
    mid_style: string, default=line.style_solid, middle line style.
    mid_width: int, default=2, middle line width.
    std_color: color, default=color.aqua, standard deviation line color.
    std_style: string, default=line.style_dashed, standard deviation line style.
    std_width: int, default=1, standard deviation line width.
    max_color: color, default=color.purple, max range line color.
    max_style: string, default=line.style_dotted, max line style.
    max_width: int, default=1, max line width.
  Returns: line array.

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