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The Interest Rate and GDP Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to provide traders with valuable insights into Interest Rate and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the largest Central Banks.

Interest Rates are closely monitored from all around the world, and play a massive role in Interbank Institutional Trading. Although mainly used by Forex traders, it's important for all types of analysts to understand risk-on and risk-off environments in respective currencies, or other asset classes, based on a global financial landscape.

Forex Pair Dashboard ( EURUSD ):

Non-Forex Pair Dashboard ( ES1! ):

This tool displays the Live Interest Rates (as well as latest Interest Rate Change) and GDP, of the following countries/regions:
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Further, analysts will be able to see Interest Rate Change labels directly on chart, to monitor Time and price relationship following rate hikes or rate cuts. The labels will display according to the impact of the Interest Rate Change on the current asset on chart, and their tooltips will display the %Change:

Analysts can also choose to mark Interest Rate Changes with vertical lines, to aid in marking changes in sentiment or global financial environment:

The real power and value provided by this tool is its tailored Interest Rate (and GDP) Differential feature for Forex markets, based on the Interest Rate Differential concept as taught by the Inner Circle Trader (ICT).

Using Interest Rate Differentials as a further Long Term Bias factor was introduced by ICT in conjunction with other higher Timeframe principles like Seasonal Tendency, Commitment of Traders, and Open Interest. This fusion ensures a holistic approach to dissecting specific Forex pairs, and the involvement of Institutional traders.

Key Features:
  • Dynamically calculates and organizes the dashboard to display the interest rate differential of the chart's forex pair, or displays all if outside of forex markets.
  • Pinpoint historical interest rate changes with precision using vertical lines and/or dynamic labels with tooltips.

Other Features:
  • Toggle Options: Customize your viewing experience by toggling the display of previous rate changes, enabling or disabling GDP visibility, and tailoring the size and location of the dashboard.
  • Fine-tune Visuals: Adjust the size and style of the previous interest rate labels and lines to suit your preferences, offering a personalized touch to your analytical workspace.

Usage Guidance:
  1. Add the Interest Rate and GDP Dashboard to your Tradingview chart.
  2. Tailor your experience by customizing the table and style to be in line with your analytical preferences, ensuring a visually engaging and personalized chart.
  3. Observe where and when key Interest Rate decisions impact the macro trend or market environment.
  4. Leverage this invaluable information to shape your Higher Timeframe narrative in confluence with other tools.
Added option to only show Country Data relevant to the current Chart.

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