Volume/Market Profile

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Volume /Market Profile is a 2 in 1 Volume Profile and Market Profile Indicator.
This indicator is my own calculations for compiling a volume profile and market profile.
The profile is progressively calculated live as the chart develops.
I have made use of both Boxes AND Lines to allow me to display a finer granularity profile by displaying up to twice the max amount of lines allowed in tradingview.
I have spent a lot of time to make sure the values are getting appended exactly as intended so that I can assure this profile is operating as precisely as possible within the limitations of the data available.
To make my calculations easier to use in other places, I have made my volume profile a function that can be extracted and used whenever you need values from a volume profile .
Feel free to read through the script if you don't understand how this profile is developed. I have made a commentary of my volume profile function to help you understand what exactly happens to compile the profiles.
As mentioned before, This indicator doubles as a market profile. To view both at the same time you will need to add the indicator on your chart twice.
I have built in comprehensive customizations to allow you to display your profiles however fits your needs.

Timeframe: The aggregation period for profiles, to see a 1 week profile, change the timeframe to 1 week.
Note: You can add custom timeframes by adding a custom timeframe in your chart timeframe dropdown menu. When you add timeframes in this area, they appear as options within indicators with the timeframe input.
Sensitivity: Allows for greater or less granularity changes. The calculation method for granularity automatically changes depending on the range of your chart.
Note: Multiply this value by 100 and that will be the max range (in ticks) of your price before the indicator automatically adjusts to make the profile less granular. (ex. If price ranges $1, and 1 tick is $0. 01 , granularity will be 0. 01 with a sensitivity of 1+)
Value Area %: % of total volume to display as the value zone. (_% of total profile values are contained within the value zone)
Calculate as Market Profile: Uses a 1 Instead of the candle volume , to display a Market Profile. (If selected POC -> TPOC)
Display Size: Sets the # of bars from the profile axis to the profile's max value. If set negative, profile will be displayed left of axis, if positive, profile will be displayed to the right of the axis.
Display Offset: Sets the # of bars in front(or behind) the current chart bar to set the axis of the profile. If negative, the axis will be to the left of the current chart bar, if positive the axis will be right of the current chart bar.
Display Historical POC/VAH/VAL: Choose to display historical poc,vah,val lines.
Colors: I'm not explaining colors.
Release Notes: -Added a new error condition. Incase your Profile Timeframe is too large for the chart you're on. (ex. 5min timeframe trying to look at a 12 month profile) The chart doesn't have that data on such a low timeframe, so now you'll get an error.
Release Notes: -Added an option to display the current poc/vah/val as lines across your bars instead of only on the profile.
- Moved the "Display historical..." setting into its own group with the newly added option, now under "Additional Data Displays"

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