TheBlackFish EMA bounce alert

This indicator is an EMA indicator with a built-in screener.
20 different ticker symbols are included in the screener. These ticker symbols must be replaced manually. All ticker symbols are from the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Large Cap.

How it works
The lowest price of a bar should be less than EMA and yesterday's closing greater than EMA .
If no conditions are found, there will be no ticker symbols in the box.

If the conditions are met, the ticker symbol / symbols are displayed in the black text box. The information in the box disappears after each new bar.

The default setting is set to EMA 50, but you can select which EMA value you want in its settings.

Change ticker
If you want to change the ticker symbol, do not forget to change both in "Check tickers" and in "Labels content".

Release Notes: I have made some changes that only shows bullish pin bars after bouncing on the EMA by default. If you want to see all bounces from EMA line, you have to disable pin bar manually in the indicator settings.

Even if you disable pin bar from it`s settings, any pin bars will ofcourse appear in the graph, along with all other bounces from the EMA line.
Release Notes: Corrected a small error.
Release Notes: Made another change that defines a pin bar more correctly.
Release Notes: I have updated the script so that it is now possible to enter the asset directly in the indicator settings.
Release Notes: Time year input changed. Also some aesthetic changes have been made.
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