Ichimoku Backtester with TP, SL, and Cloud Confirmation Option

Started with the Basic Ichimoku strategy from Mizuki32. Added Take Profit, Stop Loss (for both long and short), and a toggle to wait for confirmation from the cloud.
Release Notes: Added RSI options for Entry and TP.
Release Notes: Added option to take profit after X bar closes past the RSI threshold.
Release Notes: Updating defaults to have no RSI, no TP, no SL
Release Notes: Updated Backtester to have toggle for Stoch RSI and cleaned up RSI logic on strategy exit.
Release Notes: Cleaning up Inputs, Removing Stochastic RSI, removing TP after sequential RSI
Release Notes: Added back Stoch RSI Toggle per user request. Moved date range to top so the data selector is usable.
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