Tick Volume Direction Indicator

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Tick Volume Direction Indicator

This indicator captures:
• tick volume
• tick direction

The settings are as follows:
• volume or base currency value selection.
• label distance (away from the low of the candle).
• Tick volume - on/off switch for tick volume.
• label size.
• Up tick move color.
• tick move absorbed - when the tick doesn't change position.
• Down tick move.

On the first initial load, it will have the existing volume data as "?" as tradingview doesn't have a history of each tick.

Be aware, any settings change you make will refresh the tick data from start.

This indicator is one of the best real-time ways of seeing buying and selling pressure.
label size works correctly.
(fixed label size)
fixed issue when changing timeframes.
minor adjustment. You should not see any negative values.
If you see any negative values. Let me know.
extended amount of labels that can be displayed.
re-wrote the logic.
Errors still might appear if you change timeframes frequently.
(you should not be seeing negative values, if you do then an error has occurred)

Based on how pine script operates with tick based data,
to avoid errors, it is advisable to:
• select your timeframe
• load the script
• adjust your settings
and leave it there for it to update.
If you need to change timeframes, it's advisable to repeat the steps.
added percentage increase/decrease.
hopefully fixed crashing if anyone else was having crashing.
rewrote the entire script.
added some extra features like the on / off options for each text item. Fixed a previous error where it would fail to load due to missing data (hopefully).
added an option to use decimal places for the values when dealing with fractional volume or dollar value.
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