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When having a script with lot's of values, it can be difficult to seek the values you need to debug
For example, here, multiple values aren't visible anymore (right side chart)

This script show a way where you can show the values in a table on 1 particular bar, with 2 options:

'middle' -> here the script uses chart.left_visible_bar_time and chart.right_visible_bar_time to calculate the middle
the values of that bar (in orange box) is shown, you can check the value by putting your mouse cursor on that bar:

Just zooming in/out, or scrolling through history will automatically show you the middle and the values of that bar.
Using the arrows on your keyboard will allow you to go 1 bar further/back each time.
(Give it some time to load though, also, sometimes you need to click anywhere on the chart before arrows start working)

'time' -> settings -> Date -> the orange bar will be placed on the chosen bar, the values will be placed in the table as well.


If the table interfere with the candles, you can alter  the position without changing the placement of the orange bar -> settings -> position table

This script holds lots of values, just to show the difference between values placed on the chart, and values, placed in the table.
To make more clear how the script works, an 'example' (v_rsi1 / rsi1) is highlighted in the code itself


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