R:R Trading System Framework

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First off, huge thanks to @fikira! He was able to adapt what I built to work much more efficiently, allowing for more strategies to be used simultaneously. Simply put, I could not have gotten to this point without you. Thanks for what you do for the TV community. Second, I am fairly new to pinescript writing, so I welcome criticism, thoughtful input and improvement suggestions. I would love to grow this concept into something even better, if possible. So please let me know if you have any ideas for improvement. However I do juggle a lot of different things outside of TV, so implementations may be delayed.

I have decided, at this time, not to add alerts. First, because I feel most people looking to adapt this framework can add their own pretty easily. Also, given how customized the framework is currently, while also attempting to account for all the possible ways in which people may want alerts to function after they customize it, it seems best to leave them out as it doesn't exactly fit the idea of a framework.

For best viewing, I recommend hovering over the script's name > ... > Visual order > Bring to front. Also I found hollow candles with mono-toned colors (like pictured) are more visually appealing for me personally. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING WITH BAR REPLAY TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE FRAMEWORK'S FUNCTIONALITY.

- A huge collection of concepts and capabilities for those trying to better understand, learn, or teach pinescript.
- A system designed to showcase Risk:Reward concepts more holistically by providing all of the most popular components of retail trading to include backtesting, trade visual plotting, position tracking, market condition shifts, and useful info while positioned to help highlight changes in your risk:reward based decision-making processes.
- A system that can showcase individual strategies regardless of trade direction, allowing you to develop hedging strategies without having multiple indicators that do not correlate with each other.
- Designed around the idea that you trade less numbers of assets but manage your positions and risk based on multiple concurrently running strategies to manage your risk exposure and reward potential.
- An attempt to combine all the things you need to execute with an active trading management style.
- A framework that uses backtested results (in this case the number of averaged bars it takes to hit key levels) in real-time to inform your risk:reward decision-making while in-trade (in this case in your Trade Tracking Table using dynamic color to show how you might be early, on-time, or late compared to the average amount of backtested time it normally takes to hit that specific key level).

- A complete trading product. DO NOT USE as-is. It is a FRAMEWORK for you to generate ideas of your own and fairly easily implement your own triggering conditions in the appropriate sections of the script.

- If you decide you like the Stop, Target, Trailing Stop, and Risk:Reward components as-is, then just understanding how to plug in your Entry and Bullish / Bearish conditions (Triangles) and adjust the input texts to match your custom naming will be all you need to make it your own!
- If you want to adapt certain components, then this system gives you a great starting point to adapt your different concepts and ideas from.

- Each of the system's components are described via tooltips both in the input menu and in the tables' cells.
- Each label on the chart displays the corresponding price at those triggered conditions on hover with tooltips.
- The Trailing Stop only becomes active once it is above the Entry Price for that trade, and brightens to show it is active. The STOP line (right of price) moves once it takes over for the Entry Stop representing the level of the Trailing Stop at that time for that trade.
- The Lines / Labels to the right of price will brighten once price is above for Longs or below for Shorts. The Trade Tracking Table cells will add ☑️ once price is above for Longs or below for Shorts.
- The brighter boxes on the chart show the trades that occurred based on your criteria and are color coded for all components of each trade type to ensure your references are consistent. (Defaults are TV built-in strategies)
- The lighter boxes on the chart show the highest and lowest price levels reached during those trades, to highlight areas where improvements can be made or additional considerations can be accounted for by either adjusting Entry triggers or Bullish / Bearish triggers.
- Default Green and Red Triangles (Bullish / Bearish) default to having the same triggering condition as the Entry it corresponds to. This is to highlight either a pyramiding concept, early exit, or you can change to account for other things occurring during your trades which could help you with Stop and Target management/considerations.

TradingView and many of its community members have done a lot for me, so this is my attempt to give back.
added @HeWhoMustNotBeNamed 's suggestion of the Trailing Stop Risk:Reward Ratio in the bottom Risk:Reward Table backtest results.
I updated the code to account for my mistake in originally separating the Long versus Short Stop Amount calculation that was causing the issue with the - number outcome. This amount should always be considered the Entry - Stop value. I have updated the code to correct my mistake which should clear up my incorrect description. Apologies to any confusion this caused and thank you to @Bisporusus for the comment. Also, I deleted the TSL % as it will always be the same as the Win %, due to always being a winning trade if it is hit as a result of taking over for the hard Entry Stop. Also corrected the tooltips, adjusted the RRT, and updated the cover picture to reflect these changes.
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