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This project is about:

- array.new_line()
- array.new_box()

VPSV (pine) is one of the rare features that draws lines/figures BETWEEN bars

It doesn't run on Pine script, which makes it possible to do such things.

I wanted to have something similar while a restriction of Pine script is the impossibility to draw between bars, the only way I could think of is by using line width

In this script the higher timeframe is started with several lines (left) and a box, this box goes further until the higher timeframe ends.

During the creation of the box, each candle (lower timeframe) in this box (higher timeframe - period) is checked for position and volume , the volume is added to the left line, so when you see a thicker line, this means at that level there is more volume traded.

One of the big differences with other volume profiles is that many look back to a previous period, here when a period starts, the lines collect data - volume until the period ends, it is especially very visible in very low TF's (seconds)

This is my first script with array.new_line() - array.new_box(), which is a very nice Pine feature!
I hope this script can be helpful to see the possibilities


'Parts' -> amount of lines (left of box)

5 Parts:

15 Parts:

25 Parts:

50 Parts:

'Max Width' -> Sets the max width of the lines

'Automatic Settings' -> Sets the higher time frame automatically, see the tooltip ⓘ for more info

The yellow line is the max volume line of that period, last period has a red line (POC), also referring the max.

Release Notes: bugfix
Release Notes: Improvement of array clean-up (Thanks @HeWhoMustNotBeNamed !)
Release Notes: Added more POC lines
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