What is the Cboe BZX (formerly BATS) exchange?

As standard, our charts display real-time US stock data from the Cboe BZX exchange (formerly BATS). 

  • It’s an alternative exchange with a pretty high trading volume, 10+% of the US stock market.
  • It doesn’t have any per-user fees imposed by the exchange – meaning, you can use it without paying for it.   

However, this data sometimes is slightly different from its official counterpart — primary exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, and NYSE Arca). Simply because the trading volume is lower and as a result, it offers fewer price updates. It’s not wrong or bad data; it’s still valid information from an alternative exchange.

You’ll find the most noticeable difference on the lower timeframes (i.e. 1 min) and/or non-active or unpopular tickers and/or pre-/post-market which obviously has lower volume. In these cases, you might see incomplete (dotted) bars or low volume. Although it shouldn’t be the case for higher timeframes (1 hour +) inside the main trading session.

If this difference is crucial to your analysis and you need real-time data from the official exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, or NYSE Arca), you may be interested in our additional real-time data packages for just $2 per month. Please note, you’ll need a paid plan with TradingView to add this data. TradingView doesn’t earn anything from these charges but – as per exchange regulations – we must collect these payments and remit them to the exchange, plus report users. 

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