I'd like to edit/delete my idea or script

Public ideas and scripts can be edited or removed within 15 minutes of publishing only. After that, neither users nor moderators & TradingView staff members can edit or delete them according to our House Rules.

Why don't we delete public ideas and scripts?

This is part of the TradingView philosophy and mission. We are working to make the discussion of financial markets on the Internet more transparent and the same for everyone. It is important for us that the authors of ideas do not adapt to the result, but are absolutely honest with respect to the successes and failures of others, and with themselves. For each idea, you can see how historical forecasts actually played out by clicking on the Load new bars button, so the final result cannot be adjusted. This would be impossible if the author could remove unprofitable or unsuccessful ideas and leave only profitable ones.

Part of the TradingView mission is to host an open community of Pine coders who share their best practices with others. The section with public indicators and strategies is an important part of TradingView, that many of our users utilize. Therefore, everything that has ever been published remains the property of the community. If we do not follow such rules, authors of the scripts can then affect the work of thousands of users by deciding to alter scripts or deleting information.

If you need to publish a script or idea that you want to remove later on, or that you do not wish to leave publicly available, you can always use the option of private publication.