What is Cheer?

Cheer is a great way to support your favorite author. The size of a cheer is fixed and may be up to: 100, 200, 350, or 500 coins. These values are equivalent to $1, $2, $3.50, and $5 USD. The feature is available for all users.

How can I send coins?

  1. You can easily find the Cheer button in the Stream window, in user’s Ideas/Scripts, in user profile, and on the pop-up that appears when you hover your cursor over a user’s name. Just click Cheer and go from there. 
  2. The pop-up will then appear with all available coin options. 
  3. Select an option with the coin amount you would like to send.
  4. You may also write a message if you’d like.
  5. If you send coins from a stream, your message will be highlighted for 10 seconds on top of the chat.
  6. If you send coins from user’s profile, the Idea- or Script- supported author will see the notification pop-up on their TradingView account. 

And that’s how it’s done. For now, we have fixed coin amounts for you to choose from.

Coin purchase

If you do not have enough coins to purchase a plan or you'd like to support a favorite author, you can gain coins by:

  1. Choosing 'Get coins' in the 'Send coins' dialog or by going to the coin purchase store
  2. In the opened tab, you can select a coin amount (i.e. 500, 1000, 5000 etc.) 
  3. Enter your payment details. You may use your bank card, PayPal account, Google, or Apple Pay.
  4. Complete your purchase.