I see 'Calculation takes too long to execute' error

To ensure the continued availability of computing resources to all TradingView users, indicators and strategies must complete their calculations within the following limits: 

  • 20 seconds (for Basic plan)
  • 40 seconds (for Essential, Plus and Premium plans)
  • 60 seconds (for Expert plan)
  • 80 seconds (for Elite plan)
  • 100 seconds (for Ultimate plan)

See this page to learn more about each plan's features and limitations.

If a script can't complete its calculations during this allotted time, the "Calculation takes too long to execute." error will appear. Here's what you can do to prevent it:

  • Split the script into multiple scripts so that each one calculates faster.
  • Limit the number of bars the script runs on using date/time filtering.
  • Optimize the script's code. Pine code can be optimized in many different ways. These suggestions will help you identify optimization opportunities.