Why my color theme isn't getting saved?

Default theme is defined by the browser’s theme. It is saved when you log in and log out and is also kept in the settings for your next visit to our platform.
That means, the first time you open our website without logging in to your TradingView account, you see the system’s theme(either light one or dark one). You can change the default theme to your preferred one in this menu in the top right corner:

Your preferred theme will be saved and used after that. If you change the color theme again, we will remember it. However, please note, if your browser clears local storage, the color theme setting you selected will not be saved and instead the default color theme will be applied.

So in order for the color theme to be saved, please follow one of the steps below:

  • Set the system’s theme you’d like to use
  • Turn off the browser setting “Clear history when browser closes”
  • Add TradingView to exceptions for automatic cookie clearing. The setting can have a slightly different name in your browser. For instance, in Mozilla Firefox add "tradingview.com" in Cookies and Site Data -> Exceptions. In Google Chrome add "[*.]tradingview.com" to the list of sites that can always use cookies.