How to see primary listed symbols for the relevant market? (What is the “Primary Listing” filter for?)

In many markets covered by our Stock Screener, the table not only contains the primary listed companies for that market but might also contain companies listed on that market as an additional or optional placement. 

If you want to filter out these additional symbols, we have introduced a new "Primary Listing" filter. You can find it in the filters dialog. Click the "Add Filter" button on the top bar and select the "Primary Listing" filter.

For example, AAPL's primary listing is on the U.S. Nasdaq exchange. However, the company also lists its ticker on other international exchanges, such as the Italian market. 

"No" option displays symbols with the secondary listing. To see them, select the Italian market in the Stock Screener, open the filter, and choose the option.

If you only want to see symbols with their main listing in the Italian market, you can select option "Yes" in the "Primary Listing" filter and exclude optional additions like AAPL from your list.