How to change the unit of measurement on a chart?

The unit conversion feature helps you better analyze commodity charts.

In combination with currency conversion, this function will help you evaluate the exchange rate difference of the commodity assets you are interested in. Or you can convert the chart to see the price of the item in a more familiar unit of measurement.

To change the unit of measure on a chart where conversion is available, you need to click on the button on the scale that displays the current unit and select the unit of measure you’re interested in from the drop-down list.

After recalculation, the chart and indicators will display the price of the selected asset unit.

Please note that, at the moment, there are some special behaviors to converted charts, which differ from our usual charts. These include:

  • If you change the symbol, the chart will be displayed in the original unit of measure.
  • You cannot create an alert or place an order on the converted chart. Alerts and orders created in the original unit will continue to work exactly the same as before.
  • Drawing objects created on the converted chart are available only on this converted chart - they are stored and displayed with reference to the symbol, currency and unit of measure.
  • In the converted currency or unit of measure mode, the Bar Replay feature isn’t available.

You can add units to your favorites –  just hover over the desired unit and click "Add to Favorites" (Star) icon.