Rules for the "Pine Script™ Q&A" public chat

This chat is a forum where Pine Script™ programmers help each other with questions related to programming their indicators and strategies. Other forums exist, namely the [pine-script] tag on Stack Overflow and the PineCoders Pine Script™ Q&A forum on Telegram.


These are the chat's rules. There are few, but the PineCoders who manage this room have a mandate to enforce them strictly. Violators risk bans.

  1. Be civil and respectful.
  2. This forum is exclusively for questions and answers about Pine Script™ programming.
  3. Do not shill, do not advertise, do not discuss trading or trading models/strategies. Do not ask for programmers to write a script for you; contact one of our Trusted Pine Script™ Programmers For Hire instead.
  4. Respect the privacy and time of the people answering in this room. Do not contact them privately, as their public contributions already reflect the time they can allocate to helping others.
  5. Make it easy for those you are asking for help by following our posting recommendations.

Before posting questions

When you post

  • Gather your thoughts and write a well-formed statement of the issue and your question in a single post, in English. Do NOT use multiple posts when one will do, or post the same question in multiple Q&A forums.
  • If it is pertinent, show a complete, compilable code snippet that demonstrates what you have tried or reproduces the unexpected behavior you are asking about.
  • When it can be useful, share a link to a chart snapshot.
  • Use the [pine] and [/pine] tags to enclose your code. If it is long, create a link to it with pastebin, 0bin, controlc, etc.

Pine Script™ news

Like the markets we trade, Pine Script™ evolves rapidly. TradingView is committed to continually improving the language we all use. Follow new developments in Pine Script™ as they happen from this chat or another one of our broadcast channels :

Improving Pine Script™

Your ideas on how to improve the language are important to us. The Pine team reads them and when possible, implements them. Please submit your suggestions to our Trello board.

About PineCoders

PineCoders is a TradingView-supported group of Pine Script™ programmers dedicated to helping the platform's community of programmers and script users. See our website to get an idea of the projects where our members contribute.