I have a subscription to market data from Interactive Brokers, can I use this data on the TradingView?

If you have a live account with Interactive Brokers, and you’ve already purchased a real-time data subscription from them, you won’t need to pay for it again to gain access to it on TradingView. Simply verify your trading account and the active data subscriptions on that account in order to receive real-time data on our website. In order to do this, you need to connect to your Interactive Brokers account in the trading panel. You’ll then be granted 7 days access, after which you’ll need to reconnect to your broker account. 

These are exchanges where the real-time data is supported: AMEX, ASX, BME, BMV, CBOT, CME, COMEX, FWB, XETR, EUREX, EURONEXT, GPW, HKEX, ICEUSA, LSE, LSIN, MIL, NASDAQ, NYMEX, NYSE, OMX, OSE, OTC, SGX, SIX, SSE, SWB, SZSE, TASE, TSE, TSX.