How to move multiple drawing objects at the same time?

First, select the objects you want to move. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Select each object in turn by holding down the Ctrl key on Windows or the ⌘ key on Mac.
  • Select the chart area with objects by holding down the left mouse button and the Ctrl key on Windows or the ⌘ key on Mac.

Once the objects are selected, they can be moved using:

  • Keyboard arrows, which allows you to set the positions of objects accurately – though this method can be time-consuming.
  • Left-click dragging, which is the fastest way to move objects but can make it difficult to place objects on the chart accurately.
  • By specifying an offset in the “Displacement” tab of the object's properties window.

When moved through the “Displacement” tab, the coordinates of each point of the selected objects change, for which mathematical operations are used: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for price values, and addition and subtraction for the bar index.

Specify +5 in the input field and press Enter – this will move all the drawing objects up 5 units on the price scale.

It must be taken into account that the calculation is performed according to all the rules of mathematics for the coordinates of each point, and the multiplication/division of the price can lead to a visual change in objects. For example, if one of the object's points had a negative coordinate, and the second had a positive one, then they would be moved in opposite directions when multiplied. 

If you enter just a number without a sign, then all drawing objects will be shifted to the value of the specified coordinate.