Main features in Crypto Pairs Screener

Indicators “Volume 24h in USD” and “Volume 24h Change %”

Our Crypto Pairs Screener now has two useful indicators – “Volume 24h in USD” and “Volume 24h Change %”.

The “Volume 24h in USD” indicator shows the total trading volume for this crypto instrument/pair over the last 24 hours in USD.

The  "Volume 24h Change %" displays the percentage change in volume over the past 24 hours and may indirectly indicate market moves.

With the new indicators, the following actions are available to you:

- Adding filters by indicators:

- Adding new columns of indicators to the table. The table columns are also available for sorting:

Filter “Quote currency”

To simplify the search for crypto-pairs in the screener, there is a filter “Quote currency”, placed in the “Descriptive” category:

The main quote pairs are available in the filter:

The search will give you only those crypto pairs for which the quote currency matches the filtering conditions. For example: if you select the value = USDT in the filter, the output results will contain all pairs that have a quote (second) pair of this value.

Please note that the results show not only spots, but also futures, perpetual swaps, and indices.