How to use Minds and what they were made for?

Minds is a social media feed where traders from around the world gather to chat, follow, and discuss specific symbols. Think of Minds as a feed created by your peers – full of their opinions, notes, and shared news topics that cover a symbol. 

Minds can be found on the right rail in the symbol details, the same place where news and ideas are found. This means you can chart any symbol while also following what people are saying on the Minds feed for that exact symbol:

Minds is currently in beta, so please send us your best feedback and know we are working diligently to improve the product. There are also a few more things you should know before you get started.

Foremost, while Minds is open to all users to read, follow, and vote, only paying members (Essential, Plus, and Premium) can currently post to the Minds feed and leave comments: