How to trade on historical data?

In the Bar Replay mode, trading on historical data is available. This is a separate trading mode from Paper Trading. Data on trades and the overall result are available only in the session itself, and they are not saved anywhere.

Trading on historical data is available immediately after selecting the starting point. Click on the Play button to start the replay.

The replay started playing, and the Buy/Sell buttons for trading were activated.

You can only open market orders with execution at the current price in the chart. The choice of the number of positions to be opened is available and has default values as 1 unit for all types of symbols except Forex. For them, the default number is 1000 units.

When buying a position on the chart, executions are also displayed in the form of arrows with data on the quantity and price of the position.

Click the Flatten button on the market simulator panel to close a chart position. The Flatten button is active when there is an open position on the chart and inactive when there is no position on the chart.

You can also interact with a position on the chart. By dragging and dropping TP/SL elements on the chart, you can set up bracket orders to protect your position. The position can be closed by using the cross button or the context menu. Reversing position can be done via the reverse position button or the context menu.

Inside the position, the chart shows the unrealized profit/loss, and the market simulator panel shows the realized profit/loss. The currency of profit/loss corresponds to the currency of the symbol.

After the end of the replay, if at least one trade is made, a pop-up appears with the trading results in this session.