How do I convert chart data to another currency?

To convert chart data to another currency, click on the currency button at the top of the price scale and select the currency you are interested in from the drop-down list. By default, the button appears when you hover over the scale.

When converting a currency, the chart is recalculated taking into account the selected currency, including the OHLC values and the last price value in the browser tab title. The indicators will also take into account that the currency has been converted. Please note that not all symbols support currency conversion.

The display mode of the currency change button can be set in the chart settings on the Scales tab.

You can add currencies to your favorites list – just hover over the desired currency and click the Add to favorites (star) button.

There are some limitations on the chart with the converted currency:

  • When you change the symbol, the chart will be displayed in the original currency of the symbol.
  • You cannot create an alert or place an order on the converted chart. Alerts and orders created in the original currency will continue to work the same as before.
  • Drawing objects created on the converted chart are available only on this converted chart – they are stored and displayed with reference to the symbol and currency.
  • The Bar Replay feature is not available in Converted Currency mode.