Alerts separation by type

According to resource requirements, all alerts are divided into 2 types: Price and Technicals.
(detailed lists of alerts related to each category are given at the end of the article)

Each type has a separate limit on the number of active alerts, for example, with this limit:

Active price alerts100
Active technical alerts

you can run no more than 100 price alerts and no more than 100 technical ones (in this case, you can run 200 alerts in total).

The current number of active alerts of each type can be seen in the counters located at the top of the alert manager:

- number of Price alerts — next to the candle icon
- number of Technical alerts — next to the chart icon

The current limits for each plan can be seen on the GoPro page in the alerts section:

Price Alerts

An alert is considered Price when the following two conditions are met:

  1. only a symbol is used in the alert (for any type of chart: Bars, Renko, PnF, etc) and a  price value
  2. one of the following is selected as the trigger condition:
    • Crossing
    • Crossing Up
    • Crossing Down
    • Greater Than
    • Less Than

For example, an alert on a Renko chart would be considered Price:

as well as an alert on the spread symbol:

Technical alerts

An alert is considered Technical if any of the following conditions are met:

  1. the alert uses an overlay symbol, indicator, drawing or strategy
  2. one of the following is selected as the trigger condition:
    • Entering Channel
    • Exiting Channel
    • Inside Channel
    • Outside Channel
    • Moving Up
    • Moving Down
    • Moving Up %
    • Moving Down %

for example, such an alert will be considered technical, because it is based on the script:

as well as such an alert, because it is created on the Moving-condition: