The TradingView platform provides a wide range of indicators for both technical and fundamental market data analysis. To open the indicator selection menu, click on the Indicators button on the top toolbar.

The Technicals tab contains indicators for technical analysis. They are divided into four subcategories:

  • Indicators
  • Strategies
  • Profiles
  • Patterns

More info about technical indicators can be found here.

The Financials tab contains indicators designed for fundamental analysis. They are also divided into subcategories:

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Statistics

More info about fundamental indicators can be found here.

The Community Scripts tab contains indicators created with Pine Script by other users.

The My scripts tab is intended for storage of indicators written by you.

More info about Pine Script can be found here.

Frequently used indicators can be added to favorites by clicking on the star icon. Favorite indicators are displayed in the Favorites tab.