How to place orders in the mobile app?

Orders can be placed with the enabled and disabled Instant orders placement mode option. To toggle this setting, tap on the three dots in the lower right corner, open the Chart Settings dialog and select the Trading tab:

If the Instant orders placement mode is enabled, orders will be placed skipping the order panel, once you tap on Buy/Sell buttons. They can also be enabled in the trading settings.

The context menu is not supported in the mobile apps, however, you can use the Plus button on the price scale for placing pending orders.

To enable the Plus button, tap on the gear wheel icon: 

Then select the price level on the scale and tap on the Plus button to choose the order type from the menu. If you choose the Create new order… option, the order panel will be opened.

In case the Instant orders placement mode is disabled, the order panel will be opened after tapping on Buy/Sell buttons or selecting a pending order via the Plus button menu.

To modify the order on the chart, please tap on it to select it first and then drag the orders: