Waste Management (WM) Possible Flag or Pennant Pattern

I am not licensed or certified by any individual or institution to give financial advice. I am not a professional Stock trader.

Waste Management (Ticker: WM ) is in a possible Flag or Pennant . I think it's near the end and about to get squeezed out one way or another, but I don't know if it will be Bullish or Bearish . You can see the trending Resistance Line it almost hit today. I expect it to hit and possibly go through that (at least temporarily) on the next trading day. If it does break that, the 100 Day Simple Moving Average is sitting at $85.09 and might push it back down. I have two trending Support Lines because it has used both of those in the past, either with a candle body or a low wick. The blue horizontal dotted line is a horizontal Support drawn off a Resistance from October 03, 2017 and a Support from February 08, 2018. I'm not currently in any position with WM . I don't have an exact guess of what it will do over the next couple of days other than what I've drawn, and what I've summarized for you to read. If you enter a position, or you're in one right now, let me know what position (Option, Spread, Stock, etc.) and how it works for you.


Very interesting analysis
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