Franska aktier comprising the processindustrier sector

See what industries make up the processindustrier sector. We gathered them in one list and equipped with basic stats to help you find industries with the most stocks within or those with the best performance — all to discover a better starting point for your research.
Div yield % (indicated)
Förändring %
Kemikalier: specialkemikalier99.189 B EUR1.69%−0.70%509.085 K10
Kemikalier: större diversifierad7.322 B EUR3.57%+0.82%122.933 K2
Containrar / förpackningar6.409 B EUR5.19%−0.70%68.523 K5
Jordbruksvaror / Fräsning2.543 B EUR1.88%+0.32%1.742 K7
Textiler266.328 M EUR0.00%−0.71%3.614 K1
Massa och papper101.427 M EUR+0.29%1.574 K1
Kemikalier: jordbruk40.044 M EUR+7.76%11.329 K1
Industriella specialiteter21.539 M EUR4.24%+1.53%4332