Indiska företag companies operating in one industry: jordbruksvaror / fräsning

The list below has Indiska företag that operate under the same industry, jordbruksvaror / fräsning. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as BANNARI AMMAN SUG or those with the best price dynamics like KM SUGAR MILLS LTD, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Förändring %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analytisk bedömning
PATANJALIPATANJALI FOODS LTD509.961 B INR1402.50 INR−0.17%527.833 K0.7561.7122.73 INR−9.57%0.85%Process Industries
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AWLADANI WILMAR LTD436.367 B INR335.40 INR−0.21%847.877 K0.60513.790.65 INR−88.68%0.00%Process Industries
GODREJINDGODREJ INDUSTRIES278.578 B INR829.65 INR−0.90%78.856 K0.3441.5719.96 INR−25.49%0.00%Process Industries
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GODREJAGROGODREJ AGROVET LTD105.053 B INR546.45 INR−0.11%157.018 K0.8431.4917.35 INR−15.17%1.74%Process Industries
RENUKASHREE RENUKA SUGAR90.759 B INR42.65 INR−1.27%4.374 M0.47−2.22 INR−466.00%0.00%Process Industries
BALRAMCHINBALRAMPUR CHINI MI73.8 B INR365.65 INR−0.81%837.182 K0.5712.6528.91 INR+118.33%1.50%Process Industries
TRIVENITRIVENI ENGINEERIN71.142 B INR324.95 INR−1.23%191.033 K0.4117.3118.78 INR−73.47%1.69%Process Industries
LTFOODSLT FOODS LTD70.458 B INR203.00 INR−0.54%1.462 M1.1612.3116.49 INR+52.49%0.49%Process Industries
AVANTIFEEDAVANTI FEEDS68.688 B INR504.25 INR+1.28%469.658 K1.6519.8325.43 INR+28.45%1.24%Process Industries
KRBLKRBL LTD66.344 B INR289.90 INR−0.33%463.295 K0.8211.2325.83 INR−12.16%0.35%Process Industries
SULASULA VINEYARDS LTD46.741 B INR553.85 INR−1.00%307.999 K0.4049.6611.15 INR1.67%Process Industries
BAJAJHINDBAJAJ HINDUSTHAN S39.113 B INR30.60 INR−0.49%7.093 M0.50−0.37 INR+76.63%0.00%Process Industries
KSCLKAVERI SEED COMPAN38.947 B INR756.80 INR+10.47%2.355 M27.7114.6951.51 INR+6.77%0.66%Process Industries
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BANARISUGBANNARI AMMAN SUG32.161 B INR2589.15 INR+0.77%2200.1318.00143.85 INR+53.19%0.49%Process Industries
DALMIASUGDALMIA BHARAT SUGA29.369 B INR363.15 INR+0.18%26.204 K0.459.6337.72 INR+68.23%1.31%Process Industries
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VENKEYSVENKY'S (INDIA)24.698 B INR1759.40 INR−0.89%18.886 K0.3235.0150.25 INR−31.02%0.34%Process Industries
ATFLAGRO TECH FOODS17.556 B INR720.05 INR−0.01%299.074 K4.74125.105.76 INR−14.37%0.42%Process Industries
DCMSRINDDCM SHRIRAM IND LTD16.746 B INR192.15 INR+0.95%211.053 K0.8015.4412.45 INR+141.56%0.78%Process Industries
GOKULAGROGOKUL AGRO RES LTD16.731 B INR113.80 INR+0.93%168.196 K1.4112.908.82 INR−18.25%0.00%Process Industries
DHAMPURSUGDHAMPUR SUGAR MILL14.565 B INR222.65 INR+0.04%128.373 K0.5310.3521.52 INR+12.65%2.24%Process Industries
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DWARKESHDWARIKESH SUGAR IN13.438 B INR72.50 INR+0.62%765.787 K0.5412.715.71 INR−8.69%2.76%Process Industries
UTTAMSUGARUTTAM SUGAR MILLS12.624 B INR331.70 INR−0.18%52.208 K0.557.9041.97 INR+39.58%0.76%Process Industries
AVADHSUGARAVADH SUGAR ENERGY11.453 B INR572.50 INR−0.90%15.424 K0.327.5475.89 INR+109.54%1.75%Process Industries
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CLSELCHAMAN LAL SETIA EXP LTD11.159 B INR216.40 INR+0.14%88.958 K0.928.6025.15 INR+27.06%0.46%Process Industries
ZUARIINDZUARI INDUSTRIES LTD10.745 B INR360.65 INR+2.41%191.272 K0.891.44251.31 INR+207.72%0.28%Process Industries
DBOLDHAMPUR BIO ORGANICS LTD8.879 B INR133.85 INR+0.37%104.956 K0.7410.1813.15 INR2.62%Process Industries
SARVESHWARSARVESHWAR FOODS LTD8.77 B INR9.05 INR−2.69%2.509 M0.7429.580.31 INR+331.59%0.00%Process Industries
UGARSUGARUGAR SUGAR WORKS8.477 B INR75.30 INR+0.60%167.642 K0.3212.276.14 INR+31.18%0.66%Process Industries
DAVANGEREDAVANGERE SUGAR COMPANY L8.259 B INR87.90 INR+5.08%492.929 K1.5050.871.73 INR+32.26%0.00%Process Industries
GRMOVERGRM OVERSEAS LTD8.028 B INR134.70 INR+0.04%274.055 K1.8515.908.47 INR−23.76%0.00%Process Industries
MAGADSUGARMAGADH SUGAR & ENE7.994 B INR568.00 INR−1.68%9.081 K0.687.6574.21 INR+116.85%1.23%Process Industries
SKMEGGPRODSKM EGG PRODUCTS7.333 B INR278.40 INR−0.32%111.921 K0.186.9839.91 INR+123.91%0.90%Process Industries
JAYAGROGNJAYANT AGRO-ORG7.326 B INR244.70 INR+1.70%70.345 K1.9914.7616.58 INR−16.98%2.05%Process Industries
AXITAAXITA COTTON LTD5.925 B INR22.60 INR−0.44%1.029 M0.7028.130.80 INR+44.82%0.33%Process Industries
KRITINUTKRITI NUTRIENTS LTD5.434 B INR108.60 INR+6.58%108.78 K1.6612.908.42 INR+125.88%0.23%Process Industries
KOTARISUGKOTHARI SUGAR&CHEM4.683 B INR56.50 INR−0.26%184.474 K0.699.855.74 INR+37.25%1.77%Process Industries
KCPSUGINDKCP SUGAR & INDUST4.169 B INR36.60 INR−1.74%340.547 K1.009.054.04 INR−24.24%0.54%Process Industries
SAKHTISUGSAKTHI SUGAR4.115 B INR34.60 INR+1.47%256.825 K0.351.7020.38 INR+11.25%0.00%Process Industries
MKPLM K PROTEINS LTD4.035 B INR10.80 INR−0.92%255.623 K1.220.00%Process Industries
KMSUGARKM SUGAR MILLS LTD3.904 B INR42.45 INR+17.75%27.244 M30.3818.542.29 INR−28.36%0.00%Process Industries
GOKULGOKUL REFOILS & SO3.891 B INR39.90 INR+0.13%22.731 K0.3967.820.59 INR−77.19%0.00%Process Industries
NATHBIOGENNATH BIO-GENES (IN3.631 B INR191.25 INR+0.63%26.145 K1.049.5719.98 INR1.05%Process Industries
PONNIERODEPONNI SUGARS ERODE3.621 B INR420.70 INR+1.13%15.062 K0.819.0146.67 INR−6.19%1.54%Process Industries
RANASUGRANA SUGARS LTD3.415 B INR22.20 INR−0.67%728.698 K0.696.603.36 INR+49.12%0.00%Process Industries
KNAGRIKN AGRI RESOURCES3.175 B INR127.00 INR−0.31%12 K1.0610.2712.36 INR0.00%Process Industries
HARRMALAYAHARRISONS MALAYALA3.031 B INR164.80 INR+0.58%13.693 K0.51112.871.46 INR−89.39%0.00%Process Industries
VISHWARAJVISHWARAJ SUGAR IND LTD2.993 B INR15.95 INR0.00%841.453 K0.83−1.88 INR−158.85%1.88%Process Industries
JAYSREETEAJAYSHREE TEA2.871 B INR99.80 INR−1.72%32.564 K0.4913.677.30 INR0.00%Process Industries
MEGASTARMEGASTAR FOODS LTD2.772 B INR277.65 INR−1.68%6.897 K0.7529.429.44 INR+71.69%0.00%Process Industries
MGELMANGALAM GLOBAL ENT LTD2.703 B INR18.75 INR−2.09%105.219 K0.4917.121.09 INR−70.16%0.11%Process Industries
OSWALSEEDSSHREEOSWAL S AND CHE LTD2.68 B INR29.30 INR−5.02%77.673 K0.17−0.05 INR−107.67%0.00%Process Industries
USASEEDSUPSURGE SEEDS OF A2.118 B INR300.00 INR0.00%3000.2029.0110.34 INR0.00%Process Industries
DDTILDHUNSERI TEA & IND2.109 B INR200.80 INR−0.59%7.506 K1.08−95.50 INR+22.65%1.49%Process Industries
RRAJSREESUGRAJSHREE SUG &CHEM2.049 B INR62.15 INR+1.64%111.261 K0.779.646.44 INR+160.88%0.00%Process Industries
RROMLRAJ OIL MILLS LTD1.523 B INR50.90 INR+0.10%13.006 K1.1145.621.12 INR−26.05%0.00%Process Industries
KKOHINOORKOHINOOR FOODS1.515 B INR40.80 INR−0.12%74.409 K0.47−1.76 INR−178.22%0.00%Process Industries
AAGRITECHAGRI-TECH (INDIA)1.217 B INR203.60 INR+0.02%12.029 K0.2714.8813.68 INR+634.29%0.00%Process Industries
SSIMBHALSSIMBHAOLI SUGARS L1.164 B INR28.25 INR−1.05%88.895 K0.62−6.00 INR+47.88%0.00%Process Industries
PPKTEAPERIA KARAMALAI TE1.008 B INR325.55 INR+7.44%1590.53295.741.10 INR0.15%Process Industries
RRCDLRAJGOR CASTOR DERI980.55 M INR41.00 INR−4.09%24 K0.210.00%Process Industries
BBABAFPBABA FOOD PROCESSI938.768 M INR57.50 INR+3.14%16 K1.110.00%Process Industries
VVISHWASVISHWAS AGRI SEEDS853 M INR85.30 INR−1.56%62.4 K0.00%Process Industries
VVISHWAS.STVISHWAS AGRI SEEDS853 M INR84.30 INR−0.71%59.2 K0.00%Process Industries
SRPLSHREE RAM PROTEINS LTD.492.66 M INR1.15 INR0.00%487.28 K0.5656.650.02 INR−91.85%0.00%Process Industries
SSANWARIASANWARIA CONSUMER360.689 M INR0.35 INR−12.50%844.517 K0.46−0.08 INR−9.32%0.00%Process Industries
NNKINDNK INDUSTRIES330.545 M INR52.45 INR−4.81%1.141 K1.53−2.48 INR+29.04%0.00%Process Industries
NNARMADANARMADA AGROBASE LTD279.104 M INR20.60 INR−1.67%9.817 K1.0655.020.37 INR−7.78%0.00%Process Industries
SHANTISHANTI OVERSEAS (IND) LTD169.922 M INR15.30 INR−1.61%4.655 K0.42−7.46 INR−317.73%0.00%Process Industries
KKCK.STKCK INDUSTRIES LTD87.60 INR+4.29%32 K1.16Process Industries
KKRISHIVALKRISHIVAL FOODS LI251.00 INR+2.45%5000.30Process Industries
NNIRMANNIRMAN AGRI GENETI207.65 INR−1.59%17.4 K0.54Process Industries
DDOLLEXDOLLEX AGROTECH LTD39.95 INR+0.38%20 K0.50Process Industries
PPRUDMOULIPRUDENTIAL SUGAR C26.25 INR−1.87%301.638 K9.27Process Industries