Finans / Uthyrning / Leasing

Företag i Sri Lanka companies operating in one industry: finans / uthyrning / leasing

The list below has Företag i Sri Lanka that operate under the same industry, finans / uthyrning / leasing. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as HUNTERS & COMPANY PLC or those with the best price dynamics like SENKADAGALA FINANCE PLC, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Förändring %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analytisk bedömning
LOLC.N0000LOLC HOLDINGS PLC223.344 B LKR470.00 LKR0.00%95.569 K1.647.4762.90 LKR+33.38%0.00%Finance
LOFC.N0000LOLC FINANCE PLC211.707 B LKR6.5 LKR0.00%1.551 M0.620.00%Finance
SFCL.N0000SENKADAGALA FINANCE PLC35.375 B LKR410.00 LKR+9.04%300.4328.1214.58 LKR+157.58%0.16%Finance
CFIN.N0000CENTRAL FINANCE COMPANY PLC27.226 B LKR119.00 LKR−0.42%17.142 K0.383.4534.49 LKR+8.52%3.55%Finance
PLC.N0000PEOPLE'S LEASING & FINANCE PLC27.145 B LKR12.5 LKR−0.79%233.09 K0.096.741.85 LKR+13.95%5.27%Finance
CDB.N0000CITIZENS DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS FINANCE PLC14.055 B LKR205.75 LKR−3.86%680.015.8235.36 LKR+54.88%2.34%Finance
CDB.X0000CITIZENS DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS FINANCE LIMITED14.055 B LKR108.75 LKR−0.46%5.086 K0.413.1434.61 LKR+51.60%4.67%Finance
COCR.N0000COMMERCIAL CREDIT AND FINANCE PLC11.482 B LKR36.4 LKR+1.11%107.235 K0.202.6613.69 LKR+66.49%2.77%Finance
VFIN.N0000VALLIBEL FINANCE PLC10.595 B LKR44.8 LKR−0.44%185.045 K0.565.138.73 LKR+54.81%2.22%Finance
HNBF.N0000HNB FINANCE LIMITED7.818 B LKR5.5 LKR0.00%7.001 K0.4415.230.36 LKR0.00%Finance
CRL.N0000SOFTLOGIC FINANCE PLC5.679 B LKR5.9 LKR0.00%1000.01−3.39 LKR+7.12%0.00%Finance
SEMB.X0000SMB LEASING PLC5.266 B LKR0.3 LKR0.00%951.037 K12.4522.390.01 LKR+139.29%0.00%Finance
SEMB.N0000SMB LEASING PLC5.266 B LKR0.6 LKR−14.29%136.257 K0.3044.780.01 LKR+139.29%0.00%Finance
CALF.N0000DIALOG FINANCE PLC5.048 B LKR43.0 LKR0.00%1.017 K0.58−0.19 LKR−127.79%0.00%Finance
ALLI.N0000ALLIANCE FINANCE COMPANY PLC3.74 B LKR112.75 LKR+1.58%21.457 K1.943.8928.95 LKR+77.20%4.50%Finance
SFIN.N0000SINGER FINANCE (LANKA) PLC3.435 B LKR16.8 LKR−1.18%49.301 K1.418.402.00 LKR−1.18%4.71%Finance
HUNT.N0000HUNTERS & COMPANY PLC2.942 B LKR581.00 LKR−6.29%1001.31−1.89 LKR−102.96%0.87%Finance
AMF.N0000ASSOCIATED MOTOR FINANCE COMPANY PLC2.493 B LKR22.0 LKR0.00%67.214 K1.897.952.77 LKR+56.41%0.00%Finance
PMB.N0000PEOPLE`S MERCHANT FINANCE PLC2.108 B LKR5.2 LKR0.00%4.823 K0.540.00%Finance
CSF.N0000NATION LANKA FINANCE PLC2.099 B LKR0.4 LKR0.00%84.73 K0.02−0.23 LKR+28.38%0.00%Finance
SDF.N0000SARVODAYA DEVELOPMENT FINANCE PLC1.99 B LKR13.8 LKR+3.76%4150.158.271.67 LKR+12.61%5.64%Finance
BFN.N0000ORIENT FINANCE PLC1.9 B LKR9.1 LKR+1.11%250.005.511.65 LKR0.00%Finance
LCBF.N0000LANKA CREDIT AND BUSINESS FINANCE PLC1.817 B LKR2.3 LKR0.00%78.719 K0.6815.520.15 LKR−28.06%0.00%Finance
AAF.N0000ASIA ASSET FINANCE PLC1.615 B LKR13.2 LKR+0.76% LKR+27.33%0.00%Finance
AFSL.N0000ABANS FINANCE PLC1.404 B LKR20.8 LKR−5.02%1.46 K4.750.00%Finance
UUBF.N0000UB FINANCE PLC0.6 LKR−14.29%55.687 K0.38Finance
HNBF.X0000HNB FINANCE LIMITED5.5 LKR+3.77%1170.0815.230.36 LKR0.00%Finance