Företag i Sri Lanka engaged in one sector: konsumentservice

These Företag i Sri Lanka operate in the same sector, konsumentservice. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: giants with large caps like C T HOLDINGS PLC, top gainers like THE NUWARA ELIYA HOTELS COMPANY PLC, and more. Filter the list and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
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Analytisk bedömning
CTHR.N0000C T HOLDINGS PLC55.387 B LKR268.00 LKR−2.55%30.0013.2620.22 LKR+38.97%3.45%
SPEN.N0000AITKEN SPENCE PLC54.099 B LKR130.00 LKR−2.26%20.135 K1.1918.027.21 LKR−55.91%3.00%
AHPL.N0000ASIAN HOTELS AND PROPERTIES PLC28.78 B LKR65.0 LKR0.00%17.532 K0.51−0.05 LKR+92.68%0.00%
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KHL.N0000JOHN KEELLS HOTELS PLC27.376 B LKR18.9 LKR+0.53%34.978 K0.17−0.30 LKR−35.98%0.00%
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HUNA.N0000HUNAS FALLS HOTELS PLC22.499 B LKR26.8 LKR+1.13%10.00−0.57 LKR−75.86%0.00%
AHUN.N0000AITKEN SPENCE HOTEL HOLDINGS PLC22.33 B LKR67.0 LKR+0.90%78.269 K4.5520.053.34 LKR0.00%
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PALM.N0000PALM GARDEN HOTELS PLC21.988 B LKR47.9 LKR−0.21%6.827 K0.99−88.62 LKR+7.48%0.00%
EDEN.N0000EDEN HOTEL LANKA PLC21.384 B LKR13.7 LKR0.00%26.666 K0.14−5.08 LKR+31.47%0.00%
TTRAN.N0000TRANS ASIA HOTELS PLC8.4 B LKR41.9 LKR−4.12%5.022 K3.5148.410.87 LKR0.00%
GHLL.N0000GALADARI HOTELS (LANKA) PLC8.063 B LKR16.6 LKR+3.75%20.665 K0.290.00%
KHC.N0000THE KANDY HOTELS COMPANY (1938) PLC6.034 B LKR7.9 LKR−1.25%730.01−0.38 LKR−284.75%0.00%
SHOT.N0000SERENDIB HOTELS PLC5.957 B LKR15.5 LKR+3.33%92.15 K3.5319.210.81 LKR0.00%
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JETS.N0000JETWING SYMPHONY LIMITED5.239 B LKR8.6 LKR−1.15%204.737 K7.76−0.43 LKR+64.41%0.00%
SERV.N0000THE KINGSBURY PLC5.13 B LKR10.6 LKR−0.93%6.08 K0.130.00%
NEH.N0000THE NUWARA ELIYA HOTELS COMPANY PLC4.044 B LKR2145.75 LKR+10.04%50.071.97%
RCH.N0000RENUKA HOTEL PLC3.736 B LKR93.0 LKR0.00%3000.7313.816.73 LKR−92.47%0.54%
CHOT.N0000CEYLON HOTELS CORPORATION PLC3.619 B LKR19.5 LKR−2.99%54.097 K1.31−1.82 LKR−304.49%0.00%
RHTL.N0000THE FORTRESS RESORTS PLC2.772 B LKR26.0 LKR+4.00%40.86 K1.310.00%
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TAJ.N0000TAJ LANKA HOTELS PLC2.681 B LKR19.3 LKR+0.52%4.907 K1.970.00%
RENU.N0000RENUKA CITY HOTELS PLC.2.588 B LKR360.00 LKR−2.64%530.10−11.24 LKR−101.88%0.54%
STAF.N0000DOLPHIN HOTELS PLC2.53 B LKR39.9 LKR−0.25%8.38 K0.1426.131.53 LKR0.00%
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CITH.N0000HIKKADUWA BEACH RESORT PLC2.279 B LKR4.2 LKR0.00%107.015 K0.17−3.01 LKR−41.95%0.00%
CONN.N0000AMAYA LEISURE PLC2.214 B LKR20.6 LKR+0.49%9.862 K0.30−1.05 LKR+84.74%0.00%
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CITW.N0000WASKADUWA BEACH RESORT PLC2.154 B LKR2.4 LKR+4.35%699.81 K0.96−0.90 LKR+12.52%0.00%
LHL.N0000THE LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL PLC2.029 B LKR45.0 LKR+0.22%1.717 K0.0611.783.82 LKR0.00%
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BERU.N0000BERUWALA RESORTS PLC1.962 B LKR2.8 LKR0.00%246.977 K0.230.00%
BBH.N0000BROWNS BEACH HOTELS PLC1.801 B LKR15.3 LKR0.00%1.202 K0.50−3.34 LKR+56.53%0.00%
RPBH.N0000ROYAL PALMS BEACH HOTELS PLC1.64 B LKR33.0 LKR+0.61%4.742 K1.370.00%
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MARA.N0000MARAWILA RESORTS PLC1.548 B LKR4.4 LKR−2.22%1.33 M0.820.00%
COLO.N0000C M HOLDINGS PLC1.398 B LKR92.0 LKR−3.16%2820.126.7713.59 LKR5.43%
TANG.N0000TANGERINE BEACH HOTELS PLC1.3 B LKR66.8 LKR+2.77%17.298 K13.0517.183.89 LKR0.00%
PEG.N0000PEGASUS HOTELS OF CEYLON PLC1.106 B LKR26.3 LKR+0.38%1430.10−3.59 LKR−16.03%0.00%
HSIG.N0000HOTEL SIGIRIYA PLC848.969 M LKR48.5 LKR+1.04%8050.127.886.16 LKR0.00%
MRH.N0000MAHAWELI REACH HOTELS PLC668.344 M LKR14.2 LKR0.00%1.02 K0.30−6.72 LKR−73.87%0.00%
BRR.N0000BANSEI ROYAL RESORTS HIKKADUWA PLC650.109 M LKR13.2 LKR+9.09%40.0037.360.35 LKR−27.66%1.65%
RFL.N0000RAMBODA FALLS PLC560 M LKR27.7 LKR+0.73%1.053 K1.0720.781.33 LKR0.00%
SIGV.N0000SIGIRIYA VILLAGE HOTELS PLC379.8 M LKR42.0 LKR−0.24%13.339 K0.32−5.35 LKR+61.57%0.00%