Företag i Sri Lanka engaged in one sector: processindustrier

These Företag i Sri Lanka operate in the same sector, processindustrier. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: giants with large caps like BROWNS INVESTMENTS PLC, top gainers like BAIRAHA FARMS PLC, and more. Filter the list and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
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Analytisk bedömning
BIL.N0000BROWNS INVESTMENTS PLC90.529 B LKR6.5 LKR+1.56%5.393 M0.345.971.09 LKR−49.23%0.00%
GLAS.N0000PIRAMAL GLASS CEYLON PLC27.457 B LKR28.8 LKR−0.69%7.771 K0.059.323.09 LKR−7.70%5.74%
MGT.N0000HAYLEYS FABRIC PLC17.949 B LKR43.0 LKR−1.15%449.222 K1.067.285.91 LKR+642.97%6.02%
Stark köp
MAL.X0000MALWATTE VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC12.895 B LKR34.0 LKR−8.11%10.00−0.12 LKR−101.06%0.43%
MAL.N0000MALWATTE VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC12.895 B LKR55.8 LKR−7.00%1000.03−0.12 LKR−101.06%0.27%
GRAN.N0000CEYLON GRAIN ELEVATORS PLC10.665 B LKR179.50 LKR+0.84%171.41 K2.963.3753.19 LKR+30.59%10.13%
NAMU.N0000NAMUNUKULA PLANTATIONS PLC8.36 B LKR352.00 LKR0.00%1250.113.9289.79 LKR−21.79%3.69%
TAFL.N0000THREE ACRE FARMS PLC7.246 B LKR313.00 LKR+1.62%1230.002.53123.69 LKR+342.42%9.10%
EBCR.N0000E B CREASY & COMPANY PLC5.882 B LKR24.0 LKR0.00%6110.657.913.04 LKR−53.90%6.47%
KVAL.N0000KELANI VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC5.236 B LKR77.0 LKR0.00%13.067 K0.512.8926.68 LKR−13.09%6.82%
AGAL.N0000AGALAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC5.172 B LKR33.4 LKR+0.60%10.861 K0.150.00%
PACK.N0000EX-PACK CORRUGATED CARTONS PLC4.933 B LKR14.9 LKR0.00%64.594 K0.228.191.82 LKR−59.62%4.53%
AGST.N0000AGSTAR PLC4.215 B LKR8.9 LKR+1.14%346.673 K0.429.290.96 LKR−62.73%0.00%
AGST.X0000AGSTAR PLC4.215 B LKR7.7 LKR0.00%1101.508.030.96 LKR−62.73%0.00%
LCEY.N0000LANKEM CEYLON PLC3.454 B LKR69.8 LKR+3.41%2.005 K0.1240.961.70 LKR−95.57%14.90%
BFL.N0000BAIRAHA FARMS PLC3.124 B LKR182.75 LKR+2.96%1.501 K0.1553.203.44 LKR−93.14%4.11%
KGAL.N0000KEGALLE PLANTATIONS PLC3 B LKR119.00 LKR−0.83%1880.15−9.16 LKR−116.20%2.92%
BALA.N0000BALANGODA PLANTATIONS PLC2.354 B LKR49.0 LKR−1.61%8000.094.02%
APLA.N0000ACL PLASTICS PLC1.824 B LKR438.50 LKR+0.80%1640.094.7791.84 LKR−58.26%3.46%
KAHA.N0000KAHAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC1.72 B LKR17.3 LKR0.00%10.365 K0.51−2.69 LKR−468.98%0.00%
MASK.N0000MASKELIYA PLANTATIONS PLC1.7 B LKR32.3 LKR+0.94%2.307 K0.185.725.64 LKR−72.01%0.00%
MADU.N0000MADULSIMA PLANTATIONS PLC1.695 B LKR10.0 LKR−2.91%2000.01−4.41 LKR−10597.09%0.00%
HAPU.N0000HAPUGASTENNE PLANTATIONS PLC1.542 B LKR33.8 LKR+0.90%10.00−10.47 LKR−149.17%0.00%
CHMX.N0000CHEMANEX PLC1.398 B LKR90.0 LKR+1.12%18.39 K3.1212.697.09 LKR−37.29%2.81%
HEXP.N0000HAYLEYS EXPORTS PLC1.272 B LKR53.0 LKR0.00%4100.08−1.06 LKR−108.51%7.17%
UCAR.N0000UNION CHEMICALS LANKA PLC996.375 M LKR664.00 LKR+0.15%1261.524.35152.71 LKR−18.87%5.27%
MCPL.N0000MAHAWELI COCONUT PLANTATIONS LIMITED979.891 M LKR28.6 LKR−1.38%160.0120.621.39 LKR−47.21%5.36%
HOPL.N0000HORANA PLANTATIONS PLC962.5 M LKR38.5 LKR0.00%6.264 K0.294.29%
SIL.N0000SAMSON INTERNATIONAL PLC645.498 M LKR167.00 LKR−0.60%340.39−38.03 LKR−201.27%1.31%