Crypto Aggregated Volume

This is a helper tool to perform reliable volume studies in Crypto markets.

Currently, we face the problem of unreliable crypto volume when focusing on a single exchange.
Volume keeps flowing from place to place each time a new fashion exchange appears in the scene.
"Old" exchanges that once were relevant might dry in volume terms. And that's an issue to study volume on a wider context.

For that reason, I've created this indicator: to aggregate crypto volume and overcome the current limitations.

As a user, you're able to select which exchanges to aggregate:
  • Volume from Unleveraged Exchanges
  • Volume from Leveraged Exchanges
  • All Exchanges
  • Or custom select the exchanges by marking the checkboxes

By default, the indicator is aggregating volume from unleveraged exchanges. The reason for that is because their read might be more reliable.
Trading Bots which distort the volume read, mainly operate in margin exchanges because unleveraged trading is less attractive to them.

On this first release I've aggregated the volume from the following markets:

I've found that aggregating markets is a time intensive task. Therefore if you're using this indicator, please leave a comment below and let me know which other markets you would like being added.
Jan 04
Release Notes: (UPDATE 1) Added features:
  • Option to plot only volume from current exchange
  • Plot Smoothed Aggregated Volume line
  • Select between multiple smoothing methods: SMA, EMA, DEMA, TEMA, WMA, VWMA, SMMA, HULLMA, TMA
  • Plot the Ratio:
  • Plot the Ratio:
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I am committed to developing indicators that meet the requirements of professional traders. Hope you find it useful.

Please consider giving back and attract some good karma! :)



Is there any problem with this script today?
Can't make it work after loading data ..
@gliderfund Are you using a defunct exchange as a data source?

@talinito, Hi, loads well on my end. Could you recheck?
If you keep having trouble, you can select 'custom exchanges' in the dropdown and manually click on which exchanges to aggregate. Hope that helps!
talinito gliderfund
@gliderfund, Slow loading, but working. Great job sir.
Keep up the good work.
@talinito, Yes, I need to check alternative routes to speed up the load. The tools available at Tradingview are quite limited when it comes to addressing this issue
Thanks, looks good!

Few questions that will determine my trust in the data presented:

1) Will you share the source code?
2) Do you get the volume data from a third party (TradingView or others)? If yes, which one?
3) Do you get the volume data directly from the exchanges itself? If yes, how do you connect it to do indicator?
gliderfund tradercgt
@tradercgt, All volume data is sourced from Tradingview. No secret formula there. You can just sum the volume manually for verification.
If you take a look at the input tab, you'll see which exchanges are being used to aggregate the volume: leveraged, unleveraged, all, or custom selection of one or more exchanges.
tradercgt gliderfund
Thank you @gliderfund !

1) sharing the source code will definitely increase trust, otherwise one has to spend time verifying by himself or reverse engineering the source code.
4) After I add the indicator none of the exchanges is selected, but volume data is displayed. Screenshot
gliderfund tradercgt
@tradercgt, Tradingview is not much flexible with regards to managing the indicators we publish. For that reason, I tend to hide the source code by default. Because once published we are unable to manage it properly. There's nothing shady there. I just want the ability to manage my indicators and in future add features that might be not open source.

Now, going to your question: In order to manually pick which exchanges to aggregate, you need to select the "Custom" option in the drop-down box.
By default, the 'Unleveraged Exchanges" option aggregates all the unleveraged exchanges that appear listed in that section. Hope that helps!
tradercgt gliderfund
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