super SSL [ALZ]

This script is designed and optimized for MULTI TIME
by Ali Zebardast (ALZ)

  • part of ssl

    Original Version credits to Mihkel00
    Actual Version i just set alerts and change the parameters for BTCUSDT 1min Chart.
    He designed for daily time. I tried to optimize 1 min time-frame .
    And fix the errors with OTT
    "This script has a SSL / Baseline (you can choose between the SSL or MA), a secondary SSL for continiuation trades and a third SSL for exit trades.
    Alerts added for Baseline entries, SSL2 continuations, Exits.
    Baseline has a Keltner Channel setting for "in zone" Gray Candles
    Added "Candle Size > 1 ATR" Diamonds from my old script with the criteria of being within Baseline ATR range."

  • part of Range
    two Filter Buy and Sell for 3min
    Wait For Bar close
    ssl2 :Be under the candle for buy
    and The bar color must confirm the order of purchase (Blue)

  • part of OTT

    when candles close over HOTT, means an UPTREND SIGNAL
    and to Fuchia when candles begin closing under LOTT line to indicate a DOWNTREND SIGNAL.

    FLAT ZONE is highlighted also to have the maximum concentration on sideways market conditions.

    There are three quantitative parameters in this indicator:
    The first parameter in the OTT indicator set by the two parameters is the period/length.
    OTT lines will be much sensitive to trend movements if it is smaller.
    And vice versa, will be less sensitive when it is longer.
    As the period increases it will become less sensitive to little trends and price actions.
    In this way, your choice of period, will be closely related to which of the sort of trends you are interested in.

    The OTT percent parameter in OTT is an optimization coefficient. Just like in the period
    small values ​​are better at capturing short term fluctuations, while large values
    will be more suitable for long-term trends.

    The final adjustable quantitative parameter is HIGHEST and LOWEST length which is the source of calculations.

    Credits go to:
    SSL Hybrid
    HIGH and LOW OTT :
    Range Filter

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