Two Moving Average Cross

Choose two completely different moving averages and determine crossover points. Feel free to copy and paste the code into any strategy using MA crosses in order to optimize backtesting.
Release Notes: Added Arnaud Legoux and Least Squares
Release Notes: Added smoothed MA
Release Notes: Added Triple Exponential MA
Release Notes: TEMA simplified by 4 lines
Release Notes: Cleaned up code, double and triple ema no longer calculate until they are called for. Added quadruple ema.
Release Notes: Moved smoothed MA's into switch so they don't calculate until called.
Release Notes: Changed Smoothed to Welles Wilder, found a new way to do the calculation
Release Notes: Added the Ehlers version of Kaufman's adaptive moving average
Release Notes: Added option to choose timeframe. Repainting now removed by default.
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