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This is my attempt to code up the rules of "The Strat." I've seen other scripts that do parts of what my script does, but this script combines all of them into one script and allows the user control over how they interact with each other.

What's in this indicator?
  • Show the Strat Candle Numbers (1 - inside bar, 2 - continuation bar, 3 - outside bar) on the chart.
  • Show a widget off to the right of the chart for multi-timeframe analysis. This widget tells you whether the D/W/M/Q candles are currently green or red as well as the Candle type (White Circle - (1) Inside Bar, Up Green Arrow - (2U) Continuation Bar, Down Red Arrow - (2D) Continuation Bar, Green/Red Square - (3) Outside Bar)
  • Integrates the long and short rules into the chart. These can also be turned off if you don't want to see them. Note: this is a simplified version of these rules - if you look at the cheat sheets floating around the internet, you'll notice that all trade initiations occur on a break of the high (for longs) or low (for shorts) of the previous candle as long as that previous candle was not a 2. So that's my only rule for going long or short. I think it matches well with the cheat sheets but is way simpler to code and to think of how it works. The other benefit is it shows you failed trades that the cheat sheet won't catch - where a 2 becomes a 3 in the other direction and stops you out. You'll see that now with this script.
  • Ability to filter out the long/short rules based on the timeframe continuity of the higher timeframe candles. This is user-configurable so that you can experiment with timeframe continuity and see how strict you want to be with this on your trades.
  • Show the high/low of the Day, Week, and Month on your chart as horizontal lines that you can use as a reference. This could be used for planning profit targets or seeing how likely a reversal might indicate moving into timeframe continuity.
Added ability for user to control color of high/low price level lines for higher timeframe candles.
Added the ability for the user to color inside bars (1s) to make it easier to identify them. Default is white to match the color scheme of the numbers and MTF widget for inside bars.

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