Know Sure Thing + Ribbon

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From now on this will be the main indicator I will be using.

The mathematical foundation of KST is elegant and trustworthy. I took the time to share this beautiful (in my opinion) indicator, because you will probably be seeing it in my future ideas.

I am not a trader, this indicator was made to analyze mainly long-term charts, and trend-continuation/change analysis.

The purpose of this indicator is not to give entry/exit points. However, the 9-period EMA (tightest EMA) can serve as an alternative to the classic "9-period MA signal line".

Tread lightly, for this is hallowed ground.
-Father Grigori
Changes in default display options.
Incredible new update.
You can optionally activate the "Exotic Calculations" Button. With this functionality, calculations on charts like the Yield Curve will function properly.

These damn zero values that break our calculations!!! Now they are fixed!
Slight modifications on the initial values. Continue as you were.
Even more fixes on the initial values.
I am human, I make mistakes, don't judge me!
Added import data functionality.

In ridiculously violent charts like RRPONTTLD, make sure to divide by M2SL (or some big number like 10^12) to bring values down to reality. I hope in the future I can fix this.
Ridiculously simplified Hyperbolic Curve.
Again, make sure to normalize charts with large prices (RRPONTTLD).
When using the hyperbolic transformation, for consistency, keep chart prices above 1000.
The hyperbolic transformation is mainly used for charts like the Yield Curve.
I am thinking about fixing all these minor issues. Let's hope I figure this out!
KST is now based on a simple logarithmic transformation.
With the "exotic" setting turned off, full compatibility with the original KST is ensured.
Tiny mistake, again. Oops!
Whoopsie Daisy!
Mo n mo changin
There is still a lot of work ahead of us
Messin Around
Added copyright.
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