CBMA Bollinger Bands Strategy directed [ChuckBanger]

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I just did a Bollinger Bands script with my newly CB moving average While I'm generally against posting strategies because it's very easy to fake performance numbers... This is just to share a cool strategy snippet. My settings are 10 contracts/order with pyramiding set to 10. You can make the profitability a lot higher if you set the order size higher. But that dosent help you getting more out of this script when u make a bot of this script. I set the order size to 10 contracts to get your attention not to showcase the performance.

When the price is going down and outside of the lower side of the band. And when the price comes back into the channel the strategy buys. Usually that means the price is going up. And when the price is going up and outside of the upper band. The strategy sells when it crosses back in to the channel.

It is a very simple strategy but it is effective. I guess you need a proper stop-loss for this script to bee really profitable in a bot environment.
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Thank you for the script!!
@nlmoser, And thank you for the support :)!!
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