GoGoGadget MA Ribbon

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Moving Average Ribbon with defaults for day-trading
8, 21, 50 EMAs
MA cross(over/under) markers
MA cross(over/under) alert conditions preconfigured
Reversal time periods highlight background or add labels for periods on standard days when reversals are likely (mainly useful for SPY or QQQ)
Added Bar Confirmation setting to alert and show cross(over/under) markers if cross persisted for n bars.
Added an alert for 10min from end of day as a reminder to close day-trading positions.
Change bars to confirm cross from 2 to 1. Higher is stronger confirmation, though it will lag, and possible opportunities will be missed.
Fix End-of-day markers
Fixed alert condition messages
Added alternate settings which can simply be toggled on/off using the '⎇ Alt' setting at the top.
Added VWAP with auto-anchoring.
Fixed 'Always Be Closing' labels overlapping.
Removed 'MA 1,2,3,etc. Source' setting, all Moving Averages now all use the same source setting, default: close.
Revised colors of Moving Average Ribbons.
Add setting to show/hide VWAP
Add explanation tooltip to VWAP anchor setting for "Auto" option
Fix no-volume error for VWAP on index symbols.
Added automatic Golden Pocket lines from yesterday's hi/lo range. Intraday only.
Adds lines for low-to-high and high-to-low fib retrace of previous session's range onto today's session:
High, Low, 61.8%, 65%, 50% (halfback)
Also added lines for previous session's close and current session's open.
Fix a bug with barstate.isLastBar being from interday timeframe needed to drive open/close of current and previous session.

Note: Today (Sept 19, 2022), the open price of ES1! is different between the daily candle and the RTH intraday session candles. The Open line is drawn using levels from 1D timeframe. This is likely not a bug with this indicator, but rather with the data stream itself, or due to futures rollover.
Add timezone setting to lock reversal periods and A.B.C. features to a selected TZ, useful when looking at futures which run on Chicago time rather than New York time.
Fixed (again) the redrawing of the developing reversal periods to prevent multiple developing ranges from being drawn over top of each other, hopefully for the last time.
Another "fix" to barstate for the golden pocket lines
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